Yoti- Digital ID on your phone

Hello Monzo Community.

I know people will have arguments about this but please read. Yoti is a phone ID based service on your phone. You basically add your ID like a Drivers License or a Passport to the app and it’ll check it. Once done, it’ll be added to your Yoti account as a form of ID.

Now I don’t see why Yoti shouldn’t be an option when opening a bank account (especially with Monzo.) - I get it. Monzo wants to keep things on the legal side and I respect that. Yoti is already identified by many businesses online and in person, such as Tesco’s.

Now you may be thinking, Yoti could be risky. Because all you have to do is take a picture and it can easily be modified, changed or anything. This is wrong.

Yoti (like Monzo) uses special technology to identify true and false ID’s. You have to take a picture from the app itself. You can’t get a photo from your galley, you have to take it in real-time. Before creating a Yoti account, you have to use live-detection software which asks you to move your head from your life camera from your phone.

You can’t take a picture of your ID on a digital screen like a phone or monitor and you can’t take a photo of real or modified ID from a printed piece of paper. Your ID has to be there like Monzo asks you to do when creating an account.

I think Yoti would be a good way to go in a future idea for Monzo.

Before you make any comments, please consider looking into what Yoti is.

Here is a sample of what your ID will look like.

Depending on the information banks need to verify your identity they can choose from unlimited options such as your full name, date of birth, address (this will help as proof of your address) your picture and so on.

I think it’s a good and safe way to share your information online and I think banks should take a look into this.

Anyways, thought this would be a good idea that Monzo and Yoti work together in the future. :blush:

Stay safe everyone.

Do it comply with the UK government PASS (proof of age standard) for sale of alcohol and tobacco?

That and I’m guessing the information would need to be verified with the DVLA or HMPO before a bank could use it.

Not going to bring up privacy argument as I’m gonna get buried in replies.

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You cannot purchase alcohol in person with Yoti or at least that’s what I’m aware of right now. I’ve heard when purchasing alcohol or any other age restricted content in online stores some require ID and a few use Yoti to identity that person.

As for tobacco, energy drinks, scratch cards and so on, stores and supermarkets across the UK are accepting Yoti for this. For some you can just show the digital ID (like mine you saw) or other stores and supermarkets will be given a Yoti QR Code receiver for customers to scan in their Yoti app to verify their identity more easily and safely.

While CitizenCard does allow you to purchase stuff like alcohol, you can get a CitizenCard through Yoti as long as you added valid ID to Yoti. Once done, CitizenCard will request information to confirm your identity without stuff like your birth certificate or a referee as these documents are verified already.

As of now, they are presenting Yoti to a bunch of places, mainly the HM Office, DWP and I think HMRC. CitizenCard was at this stage. No place would accept them and now they are government backed. It’s only a matter of time until Yoti is the same. (NatWest also accepts CitienCard in case anyone was going to reply saying you needed government issued ID.)

Here is a link to a blog Yoti made about presenting Yoti to a bunch of places and also a list of places accepting Yoti - https://yoti.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213164005-Has-Yoti-been-approved-by-any-regulators-and-organisations-


Shops don’t accept it simple as that it’s a useless app. There’s no point trying to big it up as something that’s worth while when it’s not, that’s clear to see from any Facebook post about the app and most review sites

Just to note Monzo don’t do the ID themselves.

It’s using Jumio behind the scenes so Yoti would need to approach and convince them.

First and foremost I’ve used this in plenty of stores and supermarkets like Tesco’s and ASDA in Blackpool, Leeds and London. So I wouldn’t try to say this to me and call it a ‘useless’ app just because it hasn’t work for you or you saw bad reviews.

Second, how about you have a look at their map where it’s available. You’ll probably say the same thing but people like you always do - https://agecheck.yoti.com/

If you’re from Sclotland though there’s preventions to using the app since it’s not classed as official ID up there.

Also when you go on about review sites CitizenCard also has bad reviews but look how they’re doing.

It’s mainly suppose to be used online to prove your identity and age. This helps know you’re talking to a real person or their age is correct. So I also don’t see no reason why Monzo shouldn’t accept this since they don’t have a branch and isn’t any sort of physical business.

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True yea. Hopefully this is looked into in the future.

I’m confused what problem you are trying to solve regarding Monzo? Yoti is an age check app, a bank needs an ID check - that is why there are very limited options of what and what is not acceptable ID.

I don’t have a ‘problem’ with Monzo. :man_facepalming:

It’s a suggestion and people are trying to prove me wrong somehow by telling me about the ‘reviews’ of Yoti or it’s not used in a lot of places.

At the end of the day it’s just a suggestion.

So no. I don’t have a problem with Monzo.

Edit: Dude… it’s like ID. That’s why it’s being suggested. If they can’t legally present it (like I said before) then they don’t have to add it. I’m already a Monzo user so I see no need to even suggest or post on the forums but I do.

All I’m saying is if it’s not official ID for banks now or legally now, on the future it could be and I’m just making a suggestion to prepare just in case as it’s being presented to main places like the HM Office, DWP etc.

All I’m saying. Not trying to cause an argument or say there’s a problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody said you had a problem with Monzo.

I asked what problem are you trying to solve? As in, what is the benefit to using this over their existing ID verification measures?

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I’m going to stop replying to you because you’re are clearly not listening.

I’ll say this. I said it was an idea for the future. It doesn’t have to be any special benefits but something useful and stress free if you had to send your ID back, you lost or damaged it while trying to apply for Monzo or anything else. If it was added to Yoti the fact that all you have to do is send existing details to a bank through Yoti is safe and you can’t lose it. (Unless of course you uninstall it.) - while this may seem stupid now, but the app will become popular in the future and people will use it. Once they do, businesses may start considering it. A lot of people have it installed so I’m just saying, it’s something that I think is a good idea. I don’t have a problem with the current Monzo verification service. :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:

Silly Monzo, wanting to stay legal and comply with ID and money-laundering laws huh :grin:


Not Scotland or Northern Ireland

Seems of very limited use if all 4 regions don’t use it


Is this your app?

You’re very confrontational about how brilliant it is when it seems a bit meh.


Maybe OP works for Yoti

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Well based on this theres two options

You would need to convince Yoti to talk with Jumio and get Jumio to agree to implementing into their code a connection to Yoti. Monzo can then be told there’s a new option available and write a blog post to go tada we now support Yoti.


If you go down this route of posting on a customer forum you are hoping a Monzo staff member reads it. (Which is rare). The message would need to filter its way through the business to someone who has the power to talk with Jumio. Monzo would need to say to Jumio, :pray: see Yoti over there please can you implement their solution so we can have that as a way of ID via our app.

Eh… considering they don’t provide proof of address.

They also have a lot of negative reviews on peoples accounts being frozen, blocked or even closed without noticed because of the same reasons. - which a lot of people have said they’ve done nothing wrong. My moms friends account got closed due to the same thing.

If that’s the case, their anti-money laundering and fraud service isn’t working properly. Nothing is perfect but they’re trying and like I said if it’s due to legal matters than all I’m saying is if they wait, Yoti get approved eventually by banks.

And while I know I said I wouldn’t reply, I couldn’t miss you I ask you this. What’s the difference between sharing your Yoti details (which Monzo can request) and showing ID… noting. They’re both the same. The only difference is you’re not showing your full ID to them. Just the stuff they need to know about you.

So no. I’m not silly, and I encourage you to do your research.

But if you want to argue about why digital ID is bad than wow…

What are you doing?

While you got a point, it took Monzo awhile to become a certified bank.

A lot of things are or were very limited in regions and look where stuff like CitizenCard was years ago.

But if I had to sum Yoti up, I pretty much use it for my everyday needs unless I have to purchase alcohol.

You think there is no difference between seeing full ID and not seeing full ID? That is just stunning and shows how pointless it is discussing it with you. I suggest you do some research on banking regulations.

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