Under 18s ID

I’d quite like to get my 16 year old daughter to switch from her legacy bank to Monzo. However, she doesn’t have a passport or provisional driving license at the moment.

Is there any other ID she can use or are we stuck until she applies for her provisional?

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I think it has to be a valid form of photo ID. As Monzo don’t have branches to verify people face to face, it is a legal requirement to need valid government issued photo ID upon sign-up along with the selfie video. This is generally either a passport or a driving license for the most part (the driving license can be provisional also).

Not sure if they accept any other forms of photo ID (I doubt it)


you can usually use a birth certificate for under 16 as well for proof of ID

No it has to be photo for the online only banks. If it’s a high street bank then yes you could use a birth cert and bring it in

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Can get her a provesional when she is 17 (edit-you can get a provesional at 15 years and 9 months)
(not that helpful now I know)

You can get a provisional at just under 16

It lasts 10 years , so she’ll probably have passed her test by then, so shouldn’t be any extra £ over all, assuming you’ve got the money right now.

Hope this helps

Why dont she just switch

Have you asked the guys at Monzo? FCA do allow for other types of ID verification but I know online only have a subset list they can use - might be a case of seeing what Monzo say?

You could try a Citizen Card, but ignore would be worth checking with Monzo that they accept them before applying for one.

Thanks all, as I suspected really. I’ll look into her applying for a provisional licence as she’s not too far off 17 anyway.


Yeah Monzo state it has to be photo ID so they can match that against the little selfie video you do when you sign up.

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