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Hi I spoke to am advisor today to ask if u could accept citzencard as photo ID and the lady said yes that is fine. Can someone pls verify this to me again because I’m heavily pregnant and I’ve brought the citizen card as I’m.unable to get a passport or provisonal due to the current situation with everything being on hold.

We are customers not monzo staff

Just apply in the app in doesn’t take long, if someone said it’s ok then it should be fine.

I don’t think a citizencard will be acceptable. Check out this list.

Yeah a national ID card it a citizen card. All national ID cards were scrapped in 2011 and when u search for national id cards it comes up with citizen cards as that’s what they’ve been replaced with

Yes, maybe ot maybe not. All you can do is try it and see.

Sadly a citizencard isn’t a national ID card. If you’re a UK citizen you’ll need a passport or driving licence to sign up I’m afraid.


DVLA are still processing applications, so if it’s just a standard license that doesn’t require a medical and can be done fully online then you can apply for one, if it needs to be done paper based coz online won’t work then you’ll have to wait as they’re not processing those ones.

Thankyou but dvla are only accepting applications for a key worker.
I’ve spoke to monzo and they said they will accept my citizencard plus I’ve got the proof of the phone conversation I had with an advisor which she placed me on hold for around 5 minutes to find out if I can use it and she came back and said yes that’s absolutely fine.
If I could order my provisonal or passport I would but theres no way u can at the moment unless u work for the nhs and are a key worker. I’ve looked on the top site and that’s what is states. There is no option to apply for a provisonal at all for the time being.

Just try and apply then

Download the app from the app store

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DVLA are accepting all licenses except ones that needs to be completed on paper or require a medical, clearly states that on there own website

Edit nope I didn’t click through properly, sorry I was wrong 🤦🤣

That’s great. I’m just curious. Why did you also ask here then?

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Sadly the ‘proof’ is worthless if they made a mistake. Let us know how you get on.

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I suspect a Citizen Card would not be suitable as it’s not actually a ‘proof’ of identity (only a proof of age).

Just had a look at the Citizen Card website and I find it potentially really misleading actually. Selling it as the ‘national ID card of the UK’ (we don’t have ID cards) and advertising ‘gain employment’ as a benefit (this would not be suitable as a Right to Work document) doesn’t seem fair to me.

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