Help with signing someone up!

(Matt C) #1

Hi all

I have convinced a colleague to sign up to Monzo but she is concerned about sending a photo of ID and the security around this. Anything I can say to put her at ease?


(Sean) #2

I have yet to be defrauded as a result of sharing my ID and video with Monzo :+1:

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A highstreet bank would ask to see it and take a copy. It’s the same principle :slight_smile: Maybe that comparison would help ease her mind.


(Matt C) #4

She feels that because it is being sent electronically that it is more likely to be intercepted/held somewhere that can be hacked. Do banks tend to keep digital copies of ID do you know?



I don’t know for 100% sure but I imagine they do. The alternative is a local filing cabinet full of photocopies and that doesn’t track logically for me.

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(Kolok) #6

I know Barclays keep a copy of my passport online even though i gave it to them in branch,

Also what I like to do is, but a little piece of paper with the name of the company I’m sending the I.d. on the corner of the passport/license not covering anything important, so even if it does get nicked any other normal company wouldn’t accept it if someone tries to use it.

But monzo use computers to check the i.d. so it might flag it , but it should pass manual checks, but not definetly


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #7

Er, all her banking will be done electronically if she signs up with Monzo??!


(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #8

A branch would scan and digitally store a PhotoID. This would have to be passed from the branch computer to a main server somewhere. That MAY be secure but likely won’t be.

1.6million users of Monzo suggest this is ‘as secure’ and as much of a risk. Plus the video selfie is a good additional step to mention?

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