Yesterday's transactions temporarily shown as today's in feed

(Mike Fuller) #1

In 1.6.1 and possibly in earlier versions there is a minor bug in the update of dates in the feed. Overnight on refresh the “Spent today” total returns to zero but the items listed under “Today” (which are now “Yesterday”) still show under the heading “Today”. The “Spent Today” is correct at £0.00 but the feed wrongly still shows items totalling (say) £9 under the heading of “Today” rather than under a heading of “Yesterday”. Have screenshot if this will help clarify.

(Jake Oliver) #2

I believe this is a long standing issue as myself and others have reported it before now but always good to know it’s still happening, the easiest fix right now is to completely close your app and reopen to have the correct dates! I’m sure either @emmag or @ivan are on it and it will hopefully be fixed in future versions.

(Mike Fuller) #3

Thanks @jakeoliver I wasn’t aware that this had been reported before and thanks for the work around. I couldn’t see a place to feedback Android beta bugs so maybe this topic will help.

(Ivan) #4

Yeah, we are aware of this one. It’s a display issue related to the header view not updating correctly. Reopening the app or navigating to the card screen and then back should fix it because the header gets redrawn on the screen.

Unfortunately it’s not a straightforward fix, but we will fix it at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting

(Paul) #5

Just letting you know that this is still happening daily.


This has been happening to me lately as well. I have to force quit the app and then when I reload it the transactions are properly spilt into today/yesterday.
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