Today's daily spending total seems wrong

So, I got a notification that said X spent, Y spent today, and it seemed like a lot. Looking at my transaction history in app, it looks like I have spent what I thought, but the ‘Spent’ amount in the top right is more than I have spent today. I assume this should be the sum of the transactions listed on the home page for today? If so, it is not. If it should not be, can someone tell me what it does mean?

Is the difference what went into your coin jar? Or any other pot?

I haven’t created any pots.

It’s a pot that automatically saves change on each transaction, but if you haven’t set it up it’s not there. Any foreign currency transactions? Huge difference or just pennies?

Best to go to the app and speak to someone in the chat. They’ll be able to see what’s happened without my rubbish CSI skills

Difference is about £25. No foreign transactions (today or recently). Will check with support. Thanks.


Are you in another time zone by any chance?

“Spent Today” is locked to UK time, so if you’re in another time zone it will likely be incorrect.


Nope, in the UK.

Merged a prepaid with a current account?

Had a refund?

(I’m going over old threads about this issue)

I converted my old pre-paid account into a current account, but haven’t merged a separate account. I have not been refunded anything recently I don’t think, certainly not today.

It seems I am being an idiot somehow. Rechecking the transactions today now, they do add up to the total. Perhaps I miscalculated before, or perhaps they weren’t all showing. Either way, it makes sense. It does seem to be more than the number of items I added earlier from memory of adding them up, so I feel like some were missing, but I may just have stopped adding without adding all of today’s or missed some of them or something. Sorry to waste your time.


:smile: no problem. Glad it’s sorted

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Is this something that will eventually be ‘fixed’, or is this how it’s intended to work for the foreseeable future?

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