'Spent Today' BST issue?

I guess the back end is providing the ‘spent today’ based on UTC and the display is working on BST?

‘Spent today’ has changed to 3.99 now :slight_smile:

This is also a bug when travelling. Is there a way spent today can cover the time zone you’re currently in? I know monzo now have access to gps now for fraud protection and trip reports.

@Corraidhin I think it’s a small hiccup and it updates when you reopen the app. I can’t quite remember what scenario I got, but basically, it was new day (after midnight). I made purchase, but app was showing ‘spent today’ from yesterday. Closing and opening app fixed it in my case as well.
I’m not sure where £1.99 came from though! :thinking:

I was thinking it was the £2 refund combined with the £3.99 purchase.

Ah, you are right, I missed it was a refund! I didn’t wake up yet. :flushed:
So in short, when new day comes, the app doesn’t update automatically to new day. Transactions from yesterday and today are mixed together until app is restarted.

Could be. But I took the liberty of querying the developer API at the time and it also said: spend_today:-199

I’m more confused now it says £3.99 actually.

Hmm, but if this was time zone issue, then it wouldn’t be corrected by restarting the app at 00:05, am I right?
I have a feeling I might be buying some bus tickets at 00:01 tonight! :smiley:

Why is 3.99 more confusing? Wouldn’t that be the only transaction you’ve made on Wednesday (at the time)?