Spent today total bug

(Adam) #1

Sorry if this is a duplicate post or posted in the wrong place, but I couldn’t see anything related to it.

Upgraded to the current account yesterday and today was my first day’s use. My app is now showing an incorrect spent today total for no obvious reason I can think of. Bug?

(Simon B) #2

If you log out and back in again this should hopefully fix this :grinning:

(Adam) #3

Thanks. Just tried this though and the issue remains.

(Simon B) #4

Very odd. Feel free to send me a private message with your registered email address and I’ll have a look to see what’s happened :+1:

(Adam) #5

Hmm I appear to also not be able to send you a private message. It may just be that I’m being really thick :-S

(Adam) #6

Ok - got it. PM sent :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #7

I have spoken privately with @Adam2 who has given his consent for me to publish the result of my investigation here so that we don’t leave the rest of you in suspense :wink:

It seems that in this instance, the merging of the prepaid account with the new current account has included the amount of money which was migrated from one account to another as being “Spent”, despite the feed item being suppressed.

We have had a few reports of this, but not a considerable amount. If anyone else has a report of this potentially being the case for them, let me know. It’s not a huge issue since it would only be present on the first day of upgrading, but I will give the product team a heads up that we’ve had another instance of it :grinning:

(Jake MacGregor) #8

I finished upgrading today and I’m facing the same issue - I have no doubt it shall clear up by tomorrow but I thought I’d give a heads up.

(Simon B) #9

Thanks Jake! The more reports we get the better idea we’ll have of how widespread this issue is.

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