[iOS] Yesterday’s transactions shown as today’s

Every day in the feed I see today’s transactions mixed together with those from yesterday as they both show up under the TODAY heading. Can be rather confusing sometimes and build up annoyance as it’s not getting fixed. I’ve been observing this for the past few months.

Details to reproduce:
I don’t do anything special, it just happens day after day as I keep spending. May be worth mentioning: I am seeng this on a joint account and I’m not using the personal one.

iOS 12.4.1

iPhone XS

App Version:
2.63.0 #557


I think they already know about this. When it happens to me, I force close the app.

It seems to be a bug where if the app is running overnight, it forgets to move the date forward.


Yep, same problem here.

I’m also experiencing this.