Wrong/incorrect transaction shown - money disappeared from monzo account

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I last tried to withdraw a while ago nearby ATM, showed ‘Your card issuer may charge you for this transaction’ so I removed my card by pressing ‘Cancel’ and used my normal debit card to get the money out. But I have noticed that Monzo has charged me for the transaction which is absurd. Where’s my money gone, Monzo?? Any help? Is this a system glitch? if so then I better hope my money is going to show back into my account.

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I think your best bet would be to contact Monzo help in-app or email help@monzo.com.

If you get the matter resolved, it would be interesting if you could come back and let us know what went wrong.

(Hugh) #3

This sounds like the ATM authorised the transaction but didn’t cancel it when you terminated the transaction, expecting the authorisation to drop off in a few days (which it will). If you talk to in app chat as @Anarchist suggested they’ll be able to take a look for you and get this resolved.

This is a known issue with the prepaid card and older current account cards - Monzo won’t charge you fees for withdrawals in the UK and up to £200 abroad is free but the ATMs mistakenly display this message. Newer Current Account cards correctly don’t trigger this.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(MoShez) #4

Okay thanks for your help.

(MoShez) #5

No i have the new debit card by Monzo. I cut my old card in pieces

(Harry) #6

Is your last point true?

I replaced my current account debit card about two weeks ago and it still displays the “we may charge you” message…?

(Jolin) #7

I can’t find it now, but someone posted about this recently. Basically, as Hugh said, the ATM authorises the transaction just before displaying the message. If you subsequently cancel the transaction at the message, the authorisation is never presented, and after a week or so the funds return to your account. If you contact in-app support, they should be able to put the funds back in sooner.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. All Monzo cards trigger this message since they’re not part of the LINK network, and ATMs incorrectly assume that any non-LINK card is foreign or credit card:

(Jolin) #8

No, it’s not, see my previous response. :arrow_up:

(Hugh) #9

I’m sure this was fixed?

(Jolin) #10

It requires the ATM operators to fix it, presumably by adjusting the software. :scream: All I know is that when I asked COps, they said it’s an issue they’re contacting ATM operators about and hope to get fixed. But the only way Monzo can fix it on new cards is by adding LINK support to them.

(MoShez) #11

Thanks for help appreciate it, but nobody seems to reply although I see 3 people online. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

(Jolin) #12

I don’t know what the current wait times are, but they usually get back to you fairly soon. Certainly it will be a lot less than seven days!

(MoShez) #13

I agree with your last point, Monzo can fix it on their new debit cards by adding LINK support.
Its a wee bit weird that by pressing ‘Cancel’ button doesn’t cancel the transaction. It should be the most basic function to test if it works before releasing cards out to public.

(Hugh) #14

Unfortunately this isn’t something controlled by Monzo :confused: This is a result of bad and lazy programming by the ATM operators - it is fairly common for retailers just not to present an authorised transaction for settlement instead of explicitly cancelling an authorisation.

(MoShez) #15

Not ‘we may charge you’ but ‘Your card issuer may charge you for this transaction’ message.
And yes I have changed to new Monzo Debit card its been few weeks now.

(Allie) #16

Again, this isn’t an issue for Monzo to fix. It’s a message the ATM operator (Tesco does it too) displays for all MasterCard AID transactions. It doesn’t mean Monzo will charge you. It just means the ATM operator likes scare messages. ATMs are prone to doing this, have you never seen the threatening messages about exchange rates if you don’t let them scam you by accepting DCC?

(MoShez) #17

Fair enough!
I would think it’s not making code dynamic from ATM operators side - If only we all programmers were doing our jobs right… if I would have pushed my repo without thoroughly testing before release i know im getting my ass whooped lol

(Harry) #18

Cheers, thought this was still the case. I knew it wasn’t something that Monzo could fix and was down to ATM operators which is why I was shocked when it was mentioned that this has been done!

(Jolin) #19

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. That’s the only way that Monzo could fix it on their end, but I don’t think they will. There’s been no indication so far that they plan to join LINK, and there are very few machines that are on the LINK network but not Mastercard.

As others have said, this isn’t a fault on Monzo’s side. It’s bizarre to me that the ATM software doesn’t wait until the user has pressed ‘OK’ before authorising the transaction. And as Hugh said, it’s lazy for them to then not reverse it if the user cancels. :man_shrugging:

(MoShez) #20

Thanks for all the quick replies and answers. This forum is quicker than any others I’ve seen previously. and yet Monzo still hasn’t replied.