So, finally got my mum involved with Monzo and the first thing she did

…(apart from setting up the account and putting some money in) was make a withdraw at an ATM.

The ATM (Sainsburys I think), told her ‘you may be charged for this withdraw’, she then stopped, phoned me and said she was cancelling the account “as she didn’t want to be charged with making a withdraw”.
I explained to her she wouldn’t be charged but she is stubborn and wasn’t having any of it!

Yes, I know my mum isn’t exactly the target market for Monzo, just wanted to let you know her experience.


If my memory serves right, this is down to the ATM Network/Mastercard to update the “firmware” so to speak.

Mastercard has only in recently years made the leap into the masses with debit cards instead of Credit Cards, so for many atm’s if it notices a mastercard by the card number it will by default show, there no advanced checks on many of these to see if it’s debit or credit.

I also find it a bit frustrating sometimes, as it’s an added screen in the process of withdrawing money that is unneeded.


Monzo have spoke to Mastercard a bunch of times about this, I believe. ATMs that haven’t been updated to recognise the difference between Mastercard credit and Mastercard debit will come up with the warning. The cash machine I use in Whitchurch (Shropshire) complains every time I go to the market there (I hate to break it to you, but getting cash out is an integral part of having a bank account).

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I think Sainsbury’s ATMs were specifically singled out for being out of date in a thread a while back where Monzo said they were working to get them updated. Obviously you tried with your mum, but I’d point out the ‘may be charged’ part - it’s not saying she will be, just it’s a possibility.
We’re almost there with acceptance but there’s still edge cases where systems just don’t get updated the way they’re supposed to. Hopefully it won’t last too much longer.

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It’s even more dumb. The ATM’s check for the existence of a LINK AID on the card, if it can’t find one it assumes it isn’t a debit card, as all UK banks surely are a member of LINK, and shows the notice.

You’d get it with non-debit VISA cards as well as any non-UK cards.

Mastercard has been telling off these ATM operators, forcing them to have a list of BIN’s that they shouldn’t show this message too.


Latest update here:

Yeah, it’s definitely not for everyone. We have cool cats on here who are 50,60,70 years of age and older and a neo bank is perfect for them, but the vast majority of older people are incompatible with it.

Even Monzo’s crazy stretch target of a billion users leaves out 6.5 billion people. Pretty sure that includes my mum and dad and certainly anyone who questions how they’ll be able to pay in all their cash.

I learned early on that some people just need a “it’s a bank card” response when they ask about your cool card and app, rather than the full list of reasons why you love it and why they should all get it.

Before I learned that some people shouldn’t be pitched to I signed up my girlfriend’s dad who said it sounded great then used it solely for TFL transactions as he wanted somewhere separate to keep his travel spending that he could just top up when he wanted. I tried to understand why he didn’t just get an Oyster card and I hit a brick wall trying to figure out how his brain works.

I also signed up an older guy from work who liked that you could see where and when the transactions took place in real time. Turned out he gave it to his wife and was tracking where she was going and what she was spending without her knowing. Weirdo!

Some people should not be allowed Monzo. That includes your mum. Sorry! :neutral_face:

TfL won’t admit it, but the difference between the ways in which the daily capping is calculated for Oyster (in a batch at the end of the day) and a debit card (live, as you tap in and out) means that some journey scenarios will always be cheaper with a debit card.

As there is no other difference I too have recommended Monzo over an Oyster for London travel to my folks (ages 67). They are pleased with the instant notifications which are also a bonus, and ‘topping up’ is easier as it’s a straight bank transfer, rather than the TfL app or website.


I was tempted to get my mum, dad and brother to switch as they are all Bank of Scotland but that bank has just closed its branch in their town so nothing keeping them - but I know my mum and dad especially use cash a lot more and that would put them off - my mum hates chip and pin/contactless as she still thinks it takes ‘too long to come off’ - obviously it doesn’t but she doesn’t like it (can’t argue with her haha)

Once we get cash deposits sorted, tell her we’re instant :wink:


Oh don’t worry I’ve mentioned that already! I’m not going to give up haha!

May is the key word. Point that out. Tell her the ATM operator is just saying they don’t know.

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