Your card issuer may charge a fee

I’ve noticed when using my Monzo card to withdraw cash from a UK ATM, the screen shows

Your card issuer may charge a fee. Do you want to continue?

Obviously I’m aware that Monzo doesn’t charge to withdraw cash so I press ‘Yes’ and continue with the transaction. I’d always assumed the screen is triggered as Monzo is currently a pre-paid card, and would disappear when it converts to a standard debit card.

However, Starling’s debit card also triggers the same screen and I’m now wondering what it is that causes it to display (is it to do with being a member of Link?), and will Monzo be able to eliminate it once full current accounts are launched?

None of my other cards from UK banks (and one building society) trigger it and it is a little annoying when it interrupts the transaction. Anyone here or from Monzo know about how the ATMs work and if it can be banished?

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I can’t think of anything more trivial for them to worry about!

To my knowledge, this is the correct assumption! We expect that once we start to issue debit cards this message will disappear. I’m not sure if there is a different cause for this in Starling’s case and this is just a coincidence…


On some small ATM networks in corner shops the machines use a BIN directory to check card type and levy charges but major ones like CashZone and Moneybox don’t

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It’s not the most important thing, but I also don’t think it’s trivial. This is a disconcerting message to get at the ATM unless you’re intimately familiar with why it’s displayed, and why you don’t have to worry. It’s acceptable now because Monzo is in beta.

But with the current accounts, if Monzo wants to be perceived as a ‘real’ bank, and sign up millions of customers, I don’t think the fee messages at ATMs are viable. Too many people will think they might be charged a fee, and it will just seem like Monzo is a sub-standard bank. With all the attention to detail the :monzo: team pays to the user experience, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t extend to using the card out in the world!


I have it with other bank cards too, such as my Handelsbanken MasterCard Debit card, but it does depend what ATM network I am using.

The fact it says MAY not WILL, I really don’t worry. It is just telling you if it is a card from another bank they MAY charge you. But as a cardholder you should be aware of your own bank’s charging policy.

Not meaning any disrespect, but I don’t think you are the typical UK bank customer. Most have no experience using a bank/building society other than one of the main UK ones. With them, the only time you get a message like that is when you are very likely to be charged (e.g. using a credit card to withdraw cash, using your debit card overseas). I agree, that the message doesn’t say you will definitely be charged, but I don’t think it will inspire confidence for a significant section of potential customers.

I also think it will unnecessarily increase the support load with questions about the message. Remember, the current accounts will see Monzo expand from early adopters to the general population. Even many of the current ‘early adopters’ are not that familiar with the various quirks, and their reasons, that we discuss on these forums.


Hey. Have you got a debit card with your name on it?

MAY as in pigs may fly

Hmmm. Cards with names printed should be the new chip that aren’t meant to bring up that message. Might be worth reporting in-app so they can look into it.

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It is under investigation for Current Account cards. The assumption at the moment is that it’s because MasterCard Debit cards are pretty rare. I’ll try and find a link.

It’s covered here:

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You mean Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, Danske Bank (formerly Northern Bank), Virgin Money, Metro Bank, Handelsbanken, Starling etc, that does not sound rare to me

Sainsbury’s cash machines say it as well as do Nationwide, still get language come up also.

Annoyingly, it appears the world doesn’t run on your opinions in isolation. Apparently other people get a say too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess rare in this context means in comparison to Visa. Personally, I have no view since it’s not my professional area.


No need to be rude. I was just pointing out that it is not that rare in the UK as a growing number of banks (disregarding building societies and credit unions) now issue these cards.

@Naji Personally I expect a higher standard of response from your Leaders rather than a personal attack.

I used my new currant account card (has my name printed on it) in a Barclays cash machine and got the same warning about my issuer MAY charge me this morning.

I’ll rephrase it for you - so that it’s not inflammatory Richard.

Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, Danske Bank (formerly Northern Bank), Virgin Money, Metro Bank, Handelsbanken and Starling all issue Mastercard Debit cards, so they’re not as rare as you might think.

There. Fixed.

Is it not matter of not up to date BIN lookups?

Card of type MasterCard is considered for all cards starting with numbers

  • 510000 to 559999 and
  • 222100 to 272099

Then there are some subsets of those that get regularly updated to define which ones are MasterCard debit cards (the official document that we use at work from barclays further separates the rules into UK debit cards and Non UK debit). I think if those rules are out of date your card might be considered as a credit card by the ATM and therefore trigger this warning message.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about it…

That was not what I was complaining about but the comment "Annoyingly, it appears the world doesn’t run on your opinions in isolation. Apparently other people get a say too!"
I have now Flagged it so Monzo will look at it

I mean it is true, everyone does get an opinion on here. I don’t think that any comments on here crossed a line.

Personally to me, flagging such a post is more petty than anything else and a waste of Moderator time, a lot worse was said during the international ATM fee issue.

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