ATMs that charge a fee

(Tom ) #1

Just a note - whilst at Glastonbury I used an ATM that said it would charge £2.50 for each withdrawal. This fee wasn’t passed on to me - and the £100 withdrawn hit my Mondo feed as just £100.

This isn’t the first time this has happened - but I just assumed the times before were flukes.

What’s going on here? Can we happily ignore those “this ATM will charge £nn” warnings?

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(Miguel Afonso) #2

It said “It would” or “It could”? I’ve noticed some ATM saying that “your card issuer may charge you for this transaction”. I think that depends on the card type (BIN number) but Mondo/Wirecard do not charge you.

Some ATM are actually a bit more like cash vending machines, and those do charge a fee on top of your withdrawal, in a single transaction.

(Tom ) #3

Most ATMs I’ve used with Mondo say “your card issuer may charge a fee” but this one was quite specific - displaying the message:
“This ATM charges £2.50 for cash withdrawals”.

(Herp Derp) #4

Same here, my local machine does not charge my Mondo card but it does my Metrobank card.

(Miguel Afonso) #5

Could it be because is a prepaid?

(James Billingham) #6

It’s possible that the £2.50 fee could be charged separately.

Sounds like a fixed fee due to the ATM being in a convenient location rather than anything to do with it being a Mondo/prepaid card.

Another possibility could be that Mondo is accidentally/intentionally eating those fees without passing them on to us.

(Ciara) #7

I’ve noticed this too. All my nearest ATMs are in corner shops and charge £1.75 to withdraw but I get told “Your bank may charge you etc.” but with Mondo I’ve never been charged the £1.75, my normal bank card does add the charge.

I also get the “Your bank may charge” when I use my foreign card and my bank does indeed charge for it (international transaction fees plus the £1.75)…

(Tom ) #8

The amount has never hit my balance, for the most recent or any of the charging ATMs I’ve used before.

Was it something I said? Tried using an ATM in Shoreditch today that proudly says on the front screen it charges £1.88 per withdrawal. I’ve used this one before with Mondo. Today, I wasn’t presented with a ‘Withdrawal’ option, only ‘PIN Change’, ‘PIN Unblock’ and ‘Balance’. I tried another round the corner, same brand, same issue. Had to walk up to Tesco to withdraw money, which I was able to do without a hitch.

Has someone cottoned on? Why wasn’t I given the option to withdraw cash?

(jamesgillard) #9

I’ve noticed the same. Done a few withdrawals from ATMs with a fee recently and never been charged with the transaction or later on.

(robmac) #10

I’ve just noticed this too

(Tom ) #11

You’re not being charged the fee, or it doesn’t work?

(Simon Turp) #12

I used one of those exact same ones in shoreditch, no charge even though it states £1.88 - I did test it and it showed a charge when I used my Barclays card but not my Monzo.

Another one I used was when I was in Ilford for a few hours. It said it will charge £2.50, then proceeded to tell me that my “card issuer may also charge a fee on top of the ATM fee charge”. I agreed and it only ended up charging the withdrawal amount :slight_smile:

I think maybe it’s a glitch with the ATM’s? Maybe if it’s a prepaid card then they think most will charge for atm’s anyway and for some reason they don’t add on the ATM charge.

(robmac) #13

I used an ATM in my local newsagent and it didn’t charge me the £1.99 it was supposed to, as far as I can see…


After taking money out from an atm that said “your bank may charge a fee”, On the entry in the app for atm withdrawal, it says at the bottom “transaction pending to atm name 3 GBR” , will this eventually come out?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #15

As far as I understand Monzo do not charge a fee to withdraw cash -

-however the ATM may do, there are somewhere in the region of 18000 “Link” ATMs still in the UK that charge anywhere between £1.5 and £10 to access your cash as part of a “service” that they provide - nothing to do with Monzo making a charge - but something everybody should be aware of most high street bank ATMs do not charge for this service …yet …


This one definitely doesnt charge a fee because i have used it for years with my other cards, is this footnote just an anomaly?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #17

your best bet is to chat to “in app support” if you think you have been charged a fee that should not have been charged - and they will be able to answer you


Its not been charged yet, but i will do if it does thanks!

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