Wrong address and name on card

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Hello everyone,
Never do the thing in a rush!! And now I have realised that my last name has been spelled incorrectly and the address is wrong!
Who Can I modify my details?
I just wanna make sure the card has the write last name on it … and I need it to be posted to the right address

Thank you


Best thing to do is contact Monzo via the in app chat or help@monzo.co.uk, they are better placed to help you.

You can change your address in app under settings I believe. :slight_smile:

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I thought banks were supposed to do identity checks. :thinking:

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Hi Sylvia, are you able to send me a private message with your registered Monzo email address please?

(Silvia) #5

All sorted thanks
Chat service super quick

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Hello… they can’t check the delivery address
So far … super helpful!! They fixed it straight away


Also wondering the same thing - How did it pass soft credit check with worng last name and addess?

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