My card was delivered to a wrong address

(Karen) #1

Hi My card was sent to a wrong address. I put the wrong postcode to my address. Can you please help me to get one on my correct address? I updated my account already

(MikeF) #2

I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with Monzo directly for this. I can’t remember if you have access to in-app help at this point in the process, if not then contacting will be the best route to a solution for you.

(Caspar Aremi) #3

As Feathers say, contact Monzo in the app, but mark it as urgent otherwise it could be a few days before you get your card!
You can add the card virtually to Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone which will let you spend money in your account without having to wait for it to be delivered. (

(Karen) #4

How to mark it urgent? I contacted them through chat but it’s been 5 days and no reply at all

(Tom) #5

If you’ve already contacted them, I’m not sure you can retroactively mark it a Urgent, sadly. In the short term, have you frozen the card in-app, to make sure no one can use it?

@beths @simonb any chance you can help Karen?

(Jack) #6

If you’ve already updated your address in app. Just order a new card within the app by freezing your existing one. No need to contact support.

(Hugh Wells) #7

Hey @Karenski :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

As cards aren’t linked with your account until you activate them in the app, no one will be able to spend your money :pray:

I’ll see if we can get someone to reach out to you ASAP to get a new on it’s way :raised_hands:

(Karen) #8

Thank you so much. Got a reply finally. They sent out a new card to the correct address now.