Help please please

I worte One number in my address worng and the bank card will delivery for worng home,
I want change the address fast, there’s someone to help me

Contact but if it’s a neighbour couldn’t you just knock on their door and ask if they could put it through your letterbox when it comes?

Im New in the area really not in touch with my neighbor really i want change my address

As above, then. You’ll need to contact Monzo.

Accidentally sending your card there is a good reason to go round and introduce yourself :slight_smile:

If you get along they can help with parcels and such in the future too :package:


It could be the making of a long term friendship with your neighbor which is always a good thing for sure :+1:

You have to activate your card first so your neighbour will be unable to use it anyway.
Just try to ask neighbour about your card and explain what happened.

No stress for you and for your neighbour then… other way your neighbour can report Monzo or someone else as you used his address for scam for example…