Changed my address before card arrived

Can someone help and guide me. I opened my account on Monzo and before card delivery I moved out of the apartment.

How can I get the card or account detail. Any helpline no or any other way to contact Monzo team?? Pls help.

Hi. Your first card has to go to your registered address.

But the card usually arrives next day (or two), you’ve moved that quickly?

You can email but they can’t/won’t help you with it due to security.


Something doesn’t quite add up here, but if you really have just moved, you should contact Royal Mail to set up mail redirection.


Just want to echo the above. Why would you open a bank and provide an address for delivery if you were going to move 2-3 days later?

Another option would be to explain the situation to the new owners/occupiers and ask them to keep aside a letter from Monzo. Then collect it at the weekend or something.



Thanns, I downloaded the app and then waited for some time to finalize the details and once I completed i forgot to change the address.