Worrying development with revolut - maybe others

I received a text from ‘revolut’ today, telling me my account was locked and I needed to verify. So far so normal.

Except it is far from normal - I use phone number quarantine - my finance phone number is only given to finance institutions. Literally (in the actual sense, not the millennial) nobody else has it. Even my SO doesn’t know it.

So as far as I can surmise, revolut have been hacked. The hackers know your contact details. Be very aware.

This is concerning.

Maybe send this info to cybercrime reporters on vice or techcrunch etc, obviously you don’t have proof but they might be getting reports from other people.

There is a possibility it’s a real text , me and other people have had to re verify , although I got an app notification and email.

You don’t say, but I presume you went directly to Revolut and found that your account wasn’t actually locked? And that the text you received had a link to a definitely-not-Revolut site?

correct. The app showed no lock and customer services confirmed it was a scam text.

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Can you send me the link, I like to have a look round these sites.



Just another thought, do you have payment with friends ( or whatever Revolut call it) turned on so you can send and receive money by phone number?

If yes they’ve probably abused the contacts API to find people who are on Revolut and spear phish.
This is quite a common tactic.

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Also, if you used the same number with multiple financial institutions, it could be that your number came via them and it’s just luck they’ve started with Revolut.

Of course they could just be spraying all known numbers and it’s just coincidence.

Taken down already by the look of things.

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Did the link have a unique string of letters at the end.


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Could it not just be an untargeted phish? Or was there personal info in the text?


could be, but that number has never been spammed before, as it has never been released to anyone other than financial institutions.

I have a few other numbers in the same ‘area’ code, none of which have been spammed

https://www.118118money.com/ looks to have unauthorised access also, I think since Friday

Just because somebody has spoofed Revolut doesn’t mean they know that you have an account with them. I regularly get these scam texts from the likes of HSBC, Barclays etc who I have never held accounts with. They are just being opportunistic and hoping they hit someone with a live account.


Yes - me too