Transfer Confirmation

Hi all. I sent my friend some money to his Revolut account. To cut a long story short they were sent to his old details (Revolut’s fault quoting the incorrect details on his account).

Now to look into this Revolut are requesting a Transfer Confirmation which outlines all my details and the account details it was sent to.

Where do I find this? There is nowhere obvious in the app and live chat is taking too long.


Live chat is your only answer here. A public forum isn’t the place for accessing that sort of detail I’m afraid.

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I assume they’ve asked for the transaction reference number?

I’m not an expert, but I think this won’t be available in app - unfortunately it sounds to me like you’ll have to wait for the “live” chat.

Unfortunately not. They have asked for some official form, or something in the app, that basically shows all my (senders) details and the recipient details.

It is EXTREMELY frustrating as I have been provided with and sent the transfer confirmation number to them but it’s unacceptable.

Do those two things have to be shown in the same screenshot?

Yes. Apparently to Revolut it is an official document all banks should be able to provide. I have sent all the details this document would list in the chat and they’re not moving. It’s annoying they won’t use this especially because they’ve currently lost my money after quoting the wrong account details on my friends app

So basically what I am after is a statement for an individual payment as proof it was made. That’s what Revolut want to see and I actually noticed there was a thread about it the end of last year and it not at that point being a ‘feature’

Sounds like you’d like a PDF statement for individual payments. You can vote for that feature here:

I don’t think that would include the payee’s bank details, would it?