Confirmed Scam Text

Hi guys,

Please delete if this has already been posted/ is in the wrong place.

My girlfriend received the following text (see picture) which I believe to be a scam. Just want to forewarn people and make sure that they don’t click the link!


Firefox and safari don’t like that site

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Guess my gut feeling was right! Probably malware or similar.

Phishing according to the Firefox more details page

Monzo will only ever contact by in app chat if they need to speak to you

Theys lots of theys sort of scam even offer banks get them nit just monzo

Is there a way for Monzo to get that URL blocked? That’s what might confuse/trick some people.

I’ve passed it on but you/your girlfriend could pass it on in the in app chat to be doubly sure

It’s already been hammered down. Even if you ignore the warning splash screens and attempt to force your way through to the site, the domain no longer resolves to an IP.

Not just banks, many other kinds of business too. My mother got a text from Three (mobile phone company) last week saying her last monthly payment had failed and asked her to log in and update her details. Luckily she told me about it:

Her: “There’s a problem with Three I’ll need to fix this afternoon, can you help? shows text
Me: “Mother, you have a pay-as-you-go phone.”

It’s annoying that’s how they count on catching people out, though. Even if it seems a little strange, the fact they can make the sender appear authentic means that unwarrented authenticity is inferred, especially by the older generation.


Yes I had that has well also had call from and 020 number a few time saying that HMRC owned me money witch even if you block the numbers they just use a different one

Yes, to confirm: that’s not a genuine message from us (and your browser should now flag this if you click on it).

We won’t text or call you out of the blue like this. For a recap on how we’ll contact you, check out this blog post:


Theys loads of they scams no bank or building society will just ring you out of the blue and they would not tell you to move money in to a safe account or new account.

That is factually incorrect as has been discussed in many threads before. Just because Monzo don’t, doesn’t mean that others don’t.

I don’t think a bank would ring you up out of the blue and then tell you to put you own money some where like a new account they may ring you but they would let you know in some way .
I don’t think the would scare you in to putting your money some where.

I didn’t disagree with that bit.


I had a number of out of the blue calls when I was with Barclays, where they would ask me to give them all my security answers, then go into a sales pitch about something I had no interest in.
It was one of the off-putting things about Barclays.

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So just to check, if we report these things to you, do you actually have the ability to take action like having browsers warn you not or proceed?

I personally haven’t had anything like this from Monzo but I only ask the question because whenever I do receive a dodgy message I just ignore it and get on with my life. If it’s actually of real value to report these things then I’ll happily do so going forwards.

Out of curiosity, just had a look, but nothing there.

This domain popping up is exactly the reason why I’ve previously made comments about the various email domains that Monzo use.

and I think there is one other.

If I got an email from, I’m more likely to think it’s legit after receiving all these emails from various Monzo domains.

I know the scam here is SMS but it’s only one step away.

Please make this better Monzo!

Edit: There is also “” too. So confusing!! 4 domains does not good security make.


I understand what you’re saying, but I think you’re vastly overestimating the people who look at what domain name and email comes from. Most mail clients don’t show this without a bit of poking around, and I would guess 99% of people don’t even think about what domain name an email has been sent from. Those of us who might check are also generally able to determine whether an email is a scam or not.

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