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Hi everyone.

I have been away with my 2 friends for a weekend and they don’t have monzo. But they have just received a monzo phishing text with an activation code. Has anyone else experienced this?!

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Hey @Sandrap, did they both receive a message? Would you be able to ask them to forward the message(s) (and their phone numbers if possible!) to

(Sandrap) #3

Yes they both received it on a group iMessage. The person knew what city we had been in this weekend too as well, but when we called the number it just dialled out.

(Sandrap) #4

Okay perfect will do thank you!


Curious to see what the text was about. It could’ve been just a mistake from someone mistyping their number and ending up putting your number instead. Unless there’s a link/call to action to interact with a malicious website/app it’s not phishing.

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