Did Starling or N26 get hacked?

Hi all,

I saw some rumblings a while ago on here that a fintech bank got compromised based on suspicious text messages being received (I’m not sure I’d be able to find the post now).

Over the last two weeks, I’ve received something akin to that— direct to my personal phone number. The texts contained a link (usually a .co) link and the WHOIS reverses back to a Namecheap registration in a distant country— Malaysia or similar. It is definitely phishing.

The texts let me know my account has been locked and that I need to re-enter information to unlock.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced it. I didn’t go to as many pains to keep my number private as the original poster I saw, but it seems to be the same thing and I have an inkling that it could be stemming from the same place.

I get texts and emails for all kinds of banks I don’t have an account for, likely to just be a general let’s blast all these numbers with this spam message and see who we can trick info this scam


A lot of reports I recall were from Revolut customers. Some said they literally only used the number with Revolut and it was never used elsewhere but they got the Revolut fake phishing texts. I think Revolut has said they have not been compromised though.

That’s what it was— Revolut. I couldn’t remember. Could also be a general phishing thing, but felt like a fintech angle.