The text scam

Hi guys, I am new to monzo literally weeks so have been receiving a lot of messages etc. yesterday received the text about my new card being sent (which i didnt order and already have debit card) and like an idiot clicked the link without thinking. I put in email and pass and nothing happened , and so far nothing has happened , I really just wanted to know what do I do now… ive frozen card and locked pot, but can I change my log in details? thanks in advance

Monzo doesn’t have log in details. It uses a secure link from your email.

If you’ve given someone your email address and password then you have a big security risk. Job 1 is to change your password to a secure one and enable 2FA.

If you want to change the email address associated with your account you’ll need to get in touch with Monzo.

In the help section of the app, search “Contact”

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Yeah, whoever these jokers are they’re persistent but not very subtle

Sorry to hear about this! If you’ve given out your email password or any other sensitive information like your card details or PIN, you should change these as soon as possible.

You can also get in touch through the app if you’re worried about the security of your account or to change your email.

Lastly, please be wary of phone calls claiming to be Monzo. We won’t ever call you without telling you first in the app, and we’ll never tell you to move money over the phone either. If you receive a call like this, hang up and let us know through the in app chat.

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Hey @Andyh7777, welcome to the forum, if you use the same email/password combination anywhere else then you could change the password for each of them to keep your accounts secure, I personally use a password generator and password manager that helps me keep track of passwords to make sure none of the ones I use are the same, it also has 2FA built into the app which is a huge bonus for me.

If you have shared your Monzo email, password and pin through the website I would suggest getting in touch with the chat to ensure we can help secure your account :+1:

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are monzo now part of the 159 scheme ?

No we’re not, I think it’s only a few of the legacy high st banks that are part of it just now.

We’d recommend you get in touch via chat, email, or calling us back yourself by the number on the back of your card if you’re unsure we’ve been in touch with you though.

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Thankyou all, ive changed all emails and passwords associated and had a lucky escape I hope, can’t believe I actually responded to be fair, but definitely aware now. Thankyou again for all of your replies.