I am hearing a lot of horror stories of people not getting paid by betting sites etc…
I am ment to be getting my universal credit payment this comming Friday…
Will that still arrive or will I be kept waiting…as I am really worried…got bills to pay

If it’s betting sites that are the issue, your universal credit payment is probably unaffected. :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what your worry is.

Betting sites and universal credit are not related, so your concern that Monzo are going to block the payment in some way? :confused:

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I was under the impression it’s all incoming payment

I’m still confused.

So you’re worried that you’ve been caught gambling your benefits money and that all incoming payments have been frozen?

Edit: Don’t know why it has replied to you @Danny :rofl: My bad.

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Nope, not gambled benefit money…
Is this problem just for incoming betting winning or all incoming money like wages or uc payment.
I don’t see why people are mixing things together

Only payouts from gambling sites made on a couple of days last week are affected (it’s an issue with their payment processors).

No other payments are affected, including refunds, bank transfers, salary payments, or benefit payments. :slightly_smiling_face:


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So there should be no delay with my benefits that I am ment to recieve this Friday right…that’s all I wanted to know…ta

Looks like we’ve reached a logical conclusion