Monzo are stealing my universal credit payment and leaving me with nothing!

I’ve been using monzo for a year almost and ive had minor issues with them before and in all fairness they got sorted reasonably quick. However a week ago they froze my account for no apparent reason… today i received a payment from universal credit of £350 and its just pending as the account is frozen. Ive messaged the help team in app and just get the same response that they have no more information. I have no money apart from what is on that account. Ive asked if my benefits can be forwarded to a new account and they cannot do it nor send it back so the dwc can send it to another account.

If your account is frozen then no-one has access to your money, Monzo or anyone else so it’s safe where it is and is not being ‘stolen’. The whole freezing process is governed by law in any case making misuse of funds like this even harder.

I’m sure it’s a pain but unfortunately there’s not a lot that we, as customers, can (or should) do or say about this.