Upcoming Payment not coming up?


I received my PIP payment on the 30th August 2022, which should mean that by now it should’ve been 4 weeks (in arrears) and looking today I don’t see any upcoming payments.

What could be going on? I can usually get paid as early as Friday and today on Thursday at about 1PM ish I’d get a greyed out “Department for Work and Pensions” with the payment amount I get yet this time this isn’t the case. Normally I get this by now as I have done twice.

What could be going on?


That won’t be something Monzo can really help with - as soon as a payment is on the system it appears on your feed as a future payment… if it’s not there, it means that DWP haven’t sent it.


30th august was a Tuesday so it wouldn’t be due til next Tuesday. Should show on Monday for you
Unless you claimed it early last time, then it will show on Tuesday

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I’m not necessarily saying it’s Monzo at fault because really it isn’t it’s just that for some reason this time by now I normally get a pop up about something upcoming.

Last month may have been a let off because of a bank holiday possibly but I will wait until next week if need be.

The thing is I got the prompt on a Thursday the week prior. Could of been bank holiday related

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Yeah Sounds like it. They will have told Monzo about it earlier coz of the holiday

Pretty sure I had the same with my tax credits then as well


I’m not blaming the bank for this one bit.

Was only curious as I normally get a message by now regarding this :face_with_monocle:

I’ll give it until Monday and if I get nothing it could be im a week early somehow.


I had that with my ESA which was due yesterday - it wasn’t showing as an upcoming payment via BACS. I was getting prepared to call them after a sleepless night of anxiety, but when I got up in the morning, I found out it was paid into my account by faster payments. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the impromptu Bank Holiday. I’d wait until the morning of when it is due to go into your account and if it doesn’t go in, get in contact with them!


It’s likely bank holiday related because last month was a bank holiday and I was paid in Friday via Monzo early payday.

Another person here said wait until Monday which sounds right considering there’s no bank holiday or any government issued days off work for any businesses. Plus I’m paid in arrears every 4 weeks on a Tuesday so the waiting until Monday does sound correct.

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There could be all sorts of reasons why it is delayed. If you want to know exactly when/if it was sent and when to expect it, then the DWP are the only people who can answer that.

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The DWP haven’t sent it, It’s very strange - as others stated it’ll probably get paid on Monday (should show up tomorrow). I am due mine on the 23rd as last payment was 26th August for me

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Yeah there has been a lot of stuff in lately which doesn’t help with anything.

Should either show up tomorrow or Monday but if not I’ll have to chase them up.

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My letter said every 4 weeks on a Tuesday. There isn’t an advance date so it should be soon I get a pop up or payment come through on the day next week

Usually it does show up by now. it’s likely to be Tuesday, which is odd as that’ll be over the 4 week mark, but hey, the £10 bonus for Christmas should make up for that :smiley:

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Heck yes! I still need answers tho

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4 weeks = 28 days.

Today is 22nd day of September.

You have not reached the 28 days yet, if you add say 1 for August (the 31st) and the 22 for September :man_shrugging:

I’m sure it’ll appear next week, when it’s actually due :+1:


Considering that it will be over 28 days after the weekend my sources think it’ll show up in the Monday and it can then be paid early or wait until Tuesday.

If not then I’ll give it another week and if nothing arises for some bizarre reason I’ll have to give them a call and see what happened.

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Payment sensed today, available on Monday

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Yeah I noticed too but thank you :blush:


Mine came last week. Usually Thursday and available 4pm Wednesday with Monzo.

However, I had a notification at 8am Wednesday and it had been paid by bank transfer rather than the usuals BACS.

There was no logo, the details were different to usual (used my NI number this time) but amount was correct. My award has several years left.

Bit puzzled but think it may be something to do with the Disability Cost of Living payment being imminent.