Are DWP/UC/Benefit payments by Bacs

Hi I was just wondering are benefits payments made by Bacs as I am due a parent tomorrow (17th April) and I have checked multiple times it is currently 2:25AM and it has not appeared yet.


If it’s due on Friday it generally will appear by 9am today and you can claim it from 4pm

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What should I do it it doesn’t appear at 9am ?

It’s it hasn’t appeared by 10am then contact in app chat

But I get benefits weekly and have never had an issue. Only been once it wasn’t showing by 9am and on that occasion it appeared by 11

Ok it’s just it’s Universal Credit that I am on and it’s my first time using Monzo so I want sure

Yeah there’s plenty who get their universal credit paid into Monzo accounts

Did you previously have it paid into a different account? If yes then when did you give them your new account details?

Yes I had it payed in too Barclays and I updated UC on the 1st April

That should be enough time for them to have changed account details, they’re generally quite good at things like that

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Just I have been panicking ever since 1am that it isn’t going to go in coz I saw on one of the other community pages that people were seeing it grayed out from 1am the day before

No, it’s never been like that with Monzo

Don’t panic. Check again in the morning :+1:


Ok thanks for that help and reasurence :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi am the same its now 01.55 and mines still not in. This would be my first payment into Monzo. Did you get your payment eventually and what time? Thanks

See this comment.

Has it appeared now? When were you expecting it?

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