Won't respond on live chat

I have tried to use the live chat with no luck or help.

I made a payment in error to account and I need to claw it back, I am no longer on communication with the person I made payment to so they will not sent payment back to me. why cant Munzo return my payment ?

Thank s


How long ago did you open the live chat? The chat isn’t “live” as such and it can take a number of hours to get a reply. You could try calling on 0800 802 1281

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Because they don’t have the money any more.

Once someone comes back to you by chat, they can probably have a look at asking for it back for you but that isn’t guaranteed to work since making a payment in this way is the equivalent of passing cash to someone.

All you can do is ask. Good luck.



Yesterday and an agent Dasie replied took detail said bear with me to a sort out and never came back!

Thank you for the number and super quick answer I will call on my break




So no one answer the phone, no one came back on so called ‘live’ chat either!

I understand it’s harder but you can claw back money any other time and have done so via my other account when paid a bill twice - this just seems lazy .

People make mistake it human error but they don’t seem interested in helping or correcting!


It’s not live chat

You can’t claw back bank transfers in the same way you can if you pay by direct debit. It takes time, negotiation and the other person can refuse

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Aye. It’s a nightmare to get back if they refuse.



That is hardly the issue here, and you know it. Support response times are terrible and have been for months.


There are 2 facts here which are way beyond any doubt shadows;

  • Chat is not live (I’m tempted to edit the topic title, but will leave it alone)
  • Support is reportedly-by-many slow and needs immediate attention, and Monzo is getting a growing negative image because of this

These kinds of stories are too common. I want to have confidence that I’ll be able to contact my bank in the event of problems.


Why do people keep assuming that it’s live chat?

Has the estimated response time been removed? or is it the design that people associate with being live?

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It says the time when you send your first message but I think people assume once you get the first reply it’s live chat

I’m not sure about that; chat doesn’t always mean instant but it should be within a reasonable time like back in the prepaid beta. I actually dislike how some companies use Zendesk’s live chat which means you have to keep your phone on the app, dedicate 100% of your attention to it and talk to them in real-time otherwise they disconnect so you can’t do another task in the meantime.


Because the whole chat layout, and the word “chat,” imply live, rapid conversation.


Monzo simply don’t respond to chat, calls or emails. Not sure what’s going on at the moment. I wrote a post about this specific topic and the admin removed it, clearly don’t like honest customer feedback.

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It’s removed because the forum cannot help with issues like this. You will have to keep trying the other channels.

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But those channels don’t work, it says something about a business when they remove a chat thread about not responding quickly to customers, quicker than they respond to a customer.


This channel won’t work at all. So you’re encouraged to stick to the methods were you’ll get an answer eventually, rather then one you have no chance of getting one.

The chat’s like TFI Friday post Shaun Ryder… Live, bit with a delay

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They have done no such thing.

It is locked because no further comments are needed after they’ve kindly pointed you in the right direction to get the help you asked for.

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