Withdrew money a few days ago, but it's disappeared!


Please help. I withdrew £100 from my Charters Savings bank pot into my main Monzo account (a Monzo to Monzo transaction). I know there’s a delay of one working day, but this was a few days ago now. The money has vanished and there’s no record of where it’s gone. It’s not listed in “schedules payments” or transaction history or anything. I’m worried to withdraw anything else in case that disappears too! What can I do?

Have you tried speaking to chat in the app or calling the number on the back of your card?

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I think you need to contact support about that as on here we can’t really give information about what happened

Chat bot is useless and waiting time for a human is 7 hours!

I didn’t know there was a number on my card. Thank you.

Not as useless as we would be! Best of luck!

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