Withdrawing from Transferwise to bank account?

How can I do this? I don’t want to add a balance to transferwise to get the card, I just want to transfer my balance on there to my Monzo account.

Also, how do I request money using it?


You need to have balance set. You don’t need to order a card. Once you got your balance set and money on it go and attach your bank account in recepients. There is a blue button “add my bank account”. Than head to balances and withdraw (send) to your own account. As for now it’s 65p charge for that.

To request money by TransferWise you need to understand that’s not as request in Monzo. Have a read https://transferwise.com/gb/request-money


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Okay, so if I get sent £70 in transferwise a withdraw button should appear here?



The send button is your withdraw button.

Awesome, thanks!