How do I top-up Monzo using Transferwise? [Step-by-step]

Hey! I am trying to figure out how to top-up my Monzo card using Transferwise.

  1. what option should I select / I am sending money to…:
  • Myself

  • Someone else

  • Business or Charity

I also have no Idea what to do next as the details I need to fill in depend on the options above. Could you please help me out? Thanks!


I’ve not done this myself but from those options I’d choose someone else.


There might be someone in this community who’s done this before & can answer that (I haven’t) but that sounds like a question that TranserWise’s support team will know the answer to. So contacting their team might be your best option.

A quick tip though - don’t forget to include the 9 digit number from the bottom of your card, as the payment reference so that Monzo knows which account to deposit the funds in..

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Can you comment back here once this is done successfully? I’d be interested to know how you found the process.

It strongly depends what you want to top up with and I assume that the goal is top up monzo from other currency.

If you are the owner of other debit card or bank account - you select ‘myself’. It means you are sending money from you to you.

If you are not the owner of card/bank account, but it’s account that belongs to family memeber (example), and you would like to receive money from them - your family memeber should select ‘someone else’. It will be transfer from family member to you.

If you are sending money between you and someone else, both people need to have an account. Accounts require ID verification (passport ideally), which is most likely done for the anti-laundering legislation.

Once accounts are ready, it’s fairly straightforward.
Person who sends the money (you or family member) has to initiate the transfer, and choose option - card or bank transfer. Then as you go along, you will define details of the recipient, that being you.

How to define that money needs to go to Monzo? You need to use details from this post:

Please make sure to don’t forget reference bit! :slight_smile: If reference is forgotten, it might take more time to get the money, as Monzo will need to manually move money to your account.

Sending money via Transferwise is a fairly straightforward process, I did it with my mom not so long ago (she was sending me money from Polish bank), we sat on Skype and I walked her through it.

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Thanks, the information provided is great! But there is one more question I have… I have to enter Full name of the account holder, and just “MONZO” is not accepted as I am required to enter a name and a surname.


How can I enter the account name? Am I doing something wrong?

P.S. the same applies if I select ‘send money to myself’ or ‘send money to someone else’

This should be simply your name. :slight_smile: They are expecting firstname lastname format.

It should be the name you registered with Monzo which might not be your actual full legal name :slight_smile:

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If I enter my name, then I never get to enter “MONZO”, there is just no place to write it. But the post you quoted says that it should be written, right?

does the sort code not provide Monzo bank details the account holder is your Monzo registered name and the account number is your 9 digit code at the bottom of your card which would then tie in the 9 digit number with your name ???

PS Ive never used transferwise so just looking at it simplistically :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Ah, I can see how this is confusing. This is Monzo’s account (general one), required elements are sort code, account number. Everyone can send to this account, and then things get matched to particular Monzo user by 9-digit code put in reference (that’s why not providing this will cause delay + chat with support).Other companies assume that 1 account = 1 person, but this ‘Monzo’ account is not set up this way. Simon gave name just for clarity.

You should put your name in there, if this is the only way to go past that point on Transferwise’s website. Or try with “Monzo - first name, last name”. Funds should reach your Monzo anyway. :slight_smile:

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You can find a step-by-step guide in this thred. :slight_smile:

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Transferwise set the transaction reference automatically, so as far as I know there’s no way to put your reference number in. So I don’t think you’ll be able to do this unless you have a Monzo current account.

@podgib On Transferwise there’s ‘transfer number’ - unique identifier that indeed Transferwise sets.
What we’re talking about is ordinary reference field. Screenshot below is my other transfer to Metrobank (and custom Cambodia reference), not Monzo, so in our case, this should be 9-digit user number from prepaid card: