Send me the TransferWise receipt

I recently had an issue with a destination not getting it’s money. On contacting Monzo support, I was able to ask TransferWise for the receipt. How about emailing the receipt to me automatically? Gives us further peace of mind and a piece of proof, too.

Hi, this was the top result from my Google query “how can I get a receipt for a transfer via TransferWise done on the Monzo app”. As it was left unanswered and I found a workaround that is better and quicker than getting on the phone/chat with Monzo/TransferWise CS I decided to answer this 4 months later.

When you carry out a transfer using TransferWise from inside the Monzo app, an account at Transferwise is created automatically.

To get your receipt you need to get into your TransferWise account.

  1. Go to the Transferwise log in page on their website
  2. Click on log in -> forgot/reset password
  3. Enter email linked to your Monzo account
  4. Set password using the link provided in the email
  5. Log into Transferwise and you will be able to check/download receipts very easily (first screen as soon as you get in).

Note: you can also track the transfer, verify details and much more from within TransferWise

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: