Adding money to my Monzo account

I have to wait until my benefit comes in at the end of the month until i can use my monzo account.
However i have another debit card with money on which i’d like to add to monzo but i cannot see anywhere ?
I click on " Add money " but it just tells me my sort code and account number with the text below saying " To add money to your monzo account make a bank transfer from another account " etc

Someone told me i can withdraw money from my other debit card into my monzo account, is this true ?

There should be a card icon on the top right - but why not make a bank transfer?

My other account cannot do bank transfer ( this is why i switched to Monzo )

I don’t see the card icon for some reason.

You can use your own link (available in the “payments” tab) and add money that way.

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Ok so i go onto and type in my username ?

How do i find my username, is it my email address ?

Use the “request” option at the top of the payments tab in your :monzo: app.

Don’t see a request option :frowning:

All i see is " Send Via Bank Transfer " " Scheduled Payments " and " instantly pay friends "

In the navigation bar. Are you on iOS or Android?

ios man


Tap the request option at the top of the navbar.


Thats all i see.

Use the help button to ask customer support (I think they were experimenting with removing it, but might well make an exception for you, if you explain why.)

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It may be worthwhile contacting in app support. I know Monzo are testing how different features work within the app on some users and so the option may not be visible to you.

Additionally check you’re on the latest version of the app in the App Store.


I’ve sent a message to support, hopefully they can fix it


Although it’d be sad if they removed, wouldn’t it? I understand removing card top ups. But is a neat feature…

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It would. Surprised that isn’t showing up but who knows :man_shrugging:t3:

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You’ll need to enable Payments with Friends in order to generate your username :slightly_smiling_face:

Head into Account > Settings, then enable Payments with Friends. That’ll sort you out :+1:


That has fixed it ! thanks


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