Withdrawing £5?

Do many of you guys withdraw £5 ? The only place i can find which dispenses them is Natwest’s ATMS

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Some Lloyd’s do.

I rarely withdraw cash at all, but from the days when I did, I remember that most machines didn’t carry £5 notes.


Only Natwest around me as well. Also, if I want to take out £10, their cash machine will usually disoense 2 fivers.

I think all Ulster Bank ATM’s do

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The LINK app shows you your nearest free ATM & which ones carry £5

Just got to point out… the LINK logo tho :nauseated_face:

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So Natwest, Ulster… guessing it’s all the RBS Group machines then…

Co-op bank one’s used too… but can’t recall seeing one for a while.

It’s only the post office machine near us that I know of.

Generally I try to avoid withdrawing cash. It’s mostly to pay parking fees when they are coin/notes only (why are they not all mobile/card enabled!!)

Anyway, this may be helpful to varying degrees but the link atm app can tell you if an atm dispenses £5 notes apparently. Like I say, might not be helpful as Monzo isn’t part of Link :wink:


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I hear most Link ATM’s are also connected directly to the Mastercard network :crossed_fingers:


There used to be a Halifax next to an office I worked in which dispensed £5 notes. I just used that Link app and the Halifax near my flat does too. As do my local Barclays and Natwest. The ones locally which don’t are a HSBC, Santander and a Lloyds. So this is handy to know, not that I need £5 often now - back then it was handy if there was an office birthday collection or similar.

My local Tesco bank ATM does them.

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They might be - I just meant that I don’t think the app would tell you that level of detail. So if you relied on the app, you could get to the ATM and find it doesn’t work for you anyway. Just covering all bases :wink:

Rarely withdraw £5 but I’ve found that some if not most Tesco ATM’s do £5 withdrawals which is handy if you need it as there’s always a Tesco nearby.

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I think I’ve only withdrawn £20 this year :+1:. The best year on record!

It may be easier to get £5s by getting cashback at at supermarket and asking nicely?

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I am not sure but it might be more expensive for banks to offer £5 withdrawals. Especially, if some want to check their balance at the same time. No surprise some cash machines want you to take out £20 as a minimum

If I recall correctly, there’s a fixed fee for withdrawals, so 2 x £5 withdrawals cost twice as much as 1 x £10 withdrawal, but that is good news for the owner of the machine. I suspect that the main reason is that a stack of £5 notes takes up pretty much the same space as a stack of £10 notes, so if the fivers aren’t loaded, there’s space for more cash, and so it takes longer for the machine to run out of money.