Minimum cash withdrawal from cash machine

Hey can anyone help. The minimum withdraw from a cash machine I can lift if £50. Is there a way to change this ?

Do you have a junior account?

Normal current account is much higher than that.

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Do you mean maximum?

If you really do mean minimum, it might… be a weird cash machine that only has £50 notes :sweat_smile:

Or do you only have £50 in your account?

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If it’s that the machine is only giving you multiples of £50 then it could only have £50 notes left, it’s definitely not a Monzo thing

Try another machine


I’ve never actually encountered a cash machine that had £50 notes, let alone only £50 notes :sweat_smile:


Me either! That’s why I suspect it’s not that, though theoretically it’s not impossible that they have found one!

No not 50 notes :joy: it would give me it in 20s and 10s :joy: the only option for cash withdrawals is 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300. Sorry maybe I should have worded my question differently. My Clydesdale account lets me lift minimum of 10 from that machine but the Monzo card won’t let me lift anything below 50 pounds

its the machine not offering the option though , did it not say “another amount” along with the “regular options”


It’s a current account. Orange card I have

No it only lets me lift in multiples of 50. It does it with every machine I’ve tried lifting from with my Monzo card which is strange as my clydesdale cards don’t have that problem

You can lift from £5 but this is not common so £10 is the normal. you need to look for the button saying other amount or words to that effect. then just tap in the amount you want.

you can also get cash back from most shops £5 - £50

Al have a look next time am at a machine. But I did look for the other amount option beofre and couldn’t see it like usual

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let us know :slight_smile:


As with everyone else, my experience has always been that this is dictated by the cash available in the machine at the time. The issuing bank or the customer have no say in it.

There’s a first trust machine in town that gives out £50 notes. Caught me out one. No shop likes to take £50 :cold_sweat:

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£5 or £10 if you live in a more affluent area.

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Mine only does £50s…


It’s definitely down to the machine and sometimes even down to the type of card used in the machine.

Example being I once used a machine and was given fairly standard options. My partner then used the same machine with her Austrian bank card and was given significantly higher options. However there’s always the option of picking ‘other’ and keying in the amount you actually need.

On a slight tangent, I used a few in Europe that allowed you to actually choose the notes you got out (eg. £60 and I could choose £20, £10, £10, £10, £5, £5) which pleased me so.


These are really handy. I hate having €50 notes, with the constant “Haven’t you got anything smaller?” and the occasional refusal to accept them because of forgeries.

I’ve only seen them outside banks though.

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