Improve ATM layout

(Adam) #1

When withdrawing money from an ATM I find that it always tells me my bank may charge, and it never displays small amounts on cash selection screen, e.g. when I want to draw our £5 or £10, I often have to navigate through several screens and type in the amount I want. The available amounts often Start at £50+.
This seems different depending on the bank provider, so there must be something Monzo can influence to make this less painful?

(Marcel Ruhf) #2

It’s likely that the banks you refer to ARE LINK members, whereas Monzo is not. @anon44204028 has more knowledge than me in this subject, so might be able to explain this in some more detail.

(Gareth) #3

For the first bit:

Not sure how much control they have for amount selection though (not to mention whether the ATM offers £5 notes)


Monzo sadly can’t do anything against the shitty UI of ATM providers, besides maybe launching their own ATM network with software that doesn’t suck.


The provision of lower denomination notes is up to the bank and most banks normally stick to £10 and £20 notes, though some ATM such as RBS in poorer areas like Colchester do stock £5 (often intermittently).

If you are a member of the public and you would like to nominate an existing LINK machine to dispense £5 banknotes you can get in touch with them at

LINK have a financial inclusion programme that works by subsidising the lowest income area of the country to ensure that all have at least one Free ATM. The subsidy is paid via a £0.10 interchange premium available to any low-income area that doesn’t have a Free ATM within one kilometre distance.


I think I know what you mean in regards to the options offered.

When I use my Monzo card, the lowest amount initially offered (on the screen with all the options for cash amounts) is £50 and goes up to like £500.

This is (I think) a notemachine atm. I’ll have to try it with my nationwide card, but I’m pretty sure that for LINK cards the default amounts offered are lower (starting at £10 and going up to only £200).


(Only available in amateur ) #7

Don’t have the OP’s problem with the amount but on Cashzone ATM’s it won’t let me take money out without a receipt. I don’t want a receipt but I have no choice. Doesn’t do this with any other card