See Nearby ATMs

Just seen this pop up on my linkedin feed as coming soon to revolut, can see a list of the nearest atms and if they charge a fee or not.

Would be good to see this for monzo also, especially now since theres been an increase in private atms that now charge.

This would be incredibly helpful for the USA monzo product as there are no “Free ATMs” it all depends on what agreements your card provider has with the operator.

I really like this idea. I also think it can be expanded.

  1. Find closest ATM’s and if they charge.

  2. Tell what notes they stock or distribute. Would be handy to know if an ATM has £5 notes (or £50 notes for that matter. - I have never needed one but there could be people who do.) .

  3. Given the above - knowing if a machine has run out of particular notes - like £10 notes. Very annoying having to take out £20 instead!.

  4. Given the above the ability in the app to request the denominations you would prefer - i.e. the ability to ask for two £5 notes and £10 for your upcoming withdrawal from the machine or a £50 note instead of a combination of other notes.

Nowadays the times that I need cash it is usually only for small amounts so knowing where I can get £5 notes from is really handy. The ability to ask for 2 £5 notes instead of a £10 is also massively convenient!

I’m not sure how much remote information or interaction can happen with an ATM but you never know…

Would this be seen as encouraging cash withdrawals and therefore increase the usage?

I assume the limit is there for a reason and Monzo would rather you paid with your card rather than take out cash? :thinking: Might send a confusing message if they rolled this out.

I’ve seen this in other countries, but I’m not sure it’s available in the UK

Where would Monzo get all of the information about what notes are where and who’s run out of what?

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Neither do I. But refer you to my last line in my comment. I can only assume there is some sort of remote connection - to update your bank balance or to communicate when the machine is out of money. If it can communicate that it is out of money or a particular note then it is conceivable it may know how much of a particular denomination is currently held. As I said - I don’t know ,but someone that works in that section at Monzo might…

It would be an awesome feature… well, I think so anyway.

I’m sure I’ve seen an app or website with the ATMs which hold £5 mapped.

I’m not sure the ATM operators would be keen to supply live information about what is actually in the machine for security reasons.

I’m sure there are crowd-sourced databases around, the same as for fuel prices etc, to make this a Monzo feature would (for me) need this to be sourced by the other banks as owners of the machines and I’ve not heard of that being available via some sort of inter-bank API.

I agree, data on the actual cash load of a specific machine would likely be seen as a security risk.

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Is could be very helpful more so if you in a new town or place say.

LINK have both an app and website for LINK ATMs.

You can also filter based on if there is a charge as well as other criteria.

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A useful tool for those that still use cash :+1: