There needs to be a way to be able to take less than £10 out of an ATM

There needs to be a way to be able to take less that £10 out the cash machine, like you would go into a bank or post office to take out change, there needs to be a way to do that with Monzo. Does anyone know if there is already a way?

There is no way at the moment, unless the cash machine has fivers which isn’t common.


Naturally with Monzo being an app based bank they don’t have branches you can walk into and grab change etc.

If this is important to you then you should open an account with a high-street bank. There’s no reason why you can’t have multiple bank accounts and having more than one means you’re not relying on one single bank to meet all of your needs.

Whenever you need cash just do a quick bank transfer over to your other account, walk in and grab the money you need.


How often have you been to the post office and taken out a few quid?

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I’ve never taken change out of a bank.

In fact I’ve never spoken to anyone who has said they have.

With the exception of closing an account with a few pence in, I’ve never been given coins by a bank.

I don’t think this has mass real-world usage.


Is this common? I’ve never done this.


Isn’t this a thing the government are bringing in, cashback from shops without purchases?

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I’ve never taken out less than £10 from an ATM before. I don’t think it’s even an option.

My local cashpoint gives me £5s even if you take out £10.

I wish it didn’t or there was an option because a £5 just disappears so quickly!

I think if you put in “Other Amount” and enter “£5” it’ll give you it.

I tend to use HSBC ATMs and I don’t think they’ve ever given me a £5 note, but Barclays ATMs have.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that more ATMs were going to be giving £5 notes because the Bank of England said there wasn’t enough in circulation. But I rarely have fivers and if I do, I only get them from change. Can’t remember the last time I used cash, though.

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Only if the machine has been stocked with £5 notes, which is quite rare.


Well, yea, obviously. :joy: They can’t give you a £5 if there aren’t any. Quite a few more have them than you think. Banks made an effort to switch quite a few to £5 notes when the latest new one came out


if anyone is interested in which ATM stock £5 notes, you can identify them, via filter, using this website.

I did once, when I went to Devon (few years back, pre pound coin change) and noticed that the Pay & Display car parks did not have a credit/debit card option.

Went in to Santander and withdrew £20 in £1 coins.

One and only time, IIRC, in near 40 years of banking.

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Does your local supermarket do cashback at the till?


£5 cash machines I have found are usually centred around universities to cater for students who might want smaller denominations. I’ve never really seen them elsewhere.


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Why exactly a map needs marketing cookies is beyond me… no £5 ATMs for me then :frowning_face:

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There’s a NatWest machine near me once doled me out £70 or so in fivers :flushed:
Presumably it had run out of £10s and £20s and this is not standard

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Data is valuable. Businesses are advised to scrape as much as possible to build profiles on you whether they need it or not. They can also sell it to “their partners”.

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What’s this “cash” thing?