Cash withdraw - £50 multiples?

Hey guys,

My first post— not sure where to put this! I tried searching and didn’t see this as an error.

I went to withdraw some cash last night at one of the free ‘Link’ ATMs you see dotted around. When I tried to withdraw cash, it only gave me options to withdraw in multiples of £50. IE. £50/£100/£150 etc.

When I tried it with my NatWest Visa Debit, I could withdraw multiples of £10, at a minimum of £10.

Any idea why that might have been? I ended up getting £20 out on my NatWest card and not using Monzo.


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It’s interesting you mention this, I experienced something similar just a few hours ago!

In my case, it did offer £50 as the lowest denomination (and nothing below) and all the other options were multiples of 50 - but it did let me manually pick a different amount in multiples of 10 if I pressed the “other amount” button. I asked for £10 and it did work. This sounds slightly different to your experience though.

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I too have noticed machines only bring up £50 and above and then having to select other to get £50 and below.

Didn’t think anything of it other than it’s annoying until I saw this

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I tried entering an amount under ‘other’, but when I typed in ‘£20’, it said it was unable to process and threw my card back to me!

Had this too but with €50 notes in Spain. Had thought it was a problem with the ATM machine, but now wondering if it’s the bug reported here.