Password for Pots

I have a pot which i’m always dipping into (as i’m bad at controlling my spending) I went to lock my pot with a password thinking that that was an option we Monzo has and realised they didn’t. You can lock a pot but also can unlock just as easy, so i was thinking being able
to set a numerical password would help this. I was going to get my mum to write a password and not tell me so that way if i wanted to dip into the pot i couldn’t without her telling me the password. Just an idea let me know what you think :slight_smile:

They used to have locked pots that you couldn’t unlock before the set date without contacting support

So many people contacted support that they had to scrap that

Unfortunately I think your idea would increase people contacting support because they would have forgotten their password/passcode


Understandable, people forget passwords all the time. Maybe instead of having to talk to someone you can go through a reset link like when you do when you forget your email password but to make it more secure you have to go through a bunch of security questions?

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Perhaps the best option right now would be to put the money in one of the easy access savings provider pots.

That way I think there would be a 24 hour delay in withdrawing, which could act as a bit of a stop on impulse withdrawals?


There was an idea a while ago where you’d have to tap a button 1,000 times to unlock the pot :joy:I still really like this idea!


“I can’t unlock my pot because I broke the screen after 826 taps”


Can I sue for repetitive strain :thinking:

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Good thing we never did this then :sweat_smile: