Withdraw money using just a code

(Kieran McCann ) #1

Just saw an ad from NatWest that shows a man withdrawing money using a code on an ATM from within the app because he left his wallet. I think RBS already has this feature? it would be nice to see this come to Monzo too at some point especially if you’ve had to freeze your card or if you’ve lost it so we can still get acces to funds.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I’m sure I’d end up using this at some point :thumbsup:

The only thing is, this service is only available from Natwest, RBS & Tesco Bank ATM’s & funnily enough, they’re all part of the RBS Group.

So a) I expect Monzo would need to partner with the ATM provider (competitor), in order to offer this service b) that ATM provider would need to be able to develop the technology that’s needed for this service & c) if they did, I assume they’d have to pay them a fee.

So I won’t get my hopes up but I’m curious to know whether this is a possibility too :slight_smile:


Yeah this feature has been around for years. Have never used it, but always knew about it. I don’t bank with RBS.


Could Monzo partner with say a chain of stores, and offer something similar. A petrol station perhaps, as they are often 24h. The app could generate say a one-time barcode redeemed over a system like paypoint ?


Yes, that PayPoint idea makes sense…they take deposits so maybe they pay out too!?


Yep and it costs businesses money to bank cash


I mean it’ll likely cost more than ATM, but as an emergency feature


Actually with android/apple pay, could it be done all via that, contactless cashback ?


I guess whereby if you lose your card, you can still use Apple/Android/Samsung Pay until your new card arrives and gets activated and then it gets terminated and you add the new card.

(Mike) #10

Hmmm… I wonder if anyone has tried to withdraw money using a Barclays debit card via Apple Pay… I know that on Android you can use the NFC element of your phone and Barclays app to withdraw money in branches at their new automated kiosks without a card. From the sound of things I doubt it will be possible on the ios side - will definitely give it a shot when I’m near one of the newly equipped branches.

(Rika Raybould) #11

Based on a quick NFC request/response dump from an Android device, I would be very surprised if Apple Pay worked with those kiosks. Still worth a try though.


NatWest & RBS are the same banking


as was stated earlier in the thread

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I recently heard that NatWest got a new feature called Get Cash, which allows you to choose the amount of cash to get on the mobile app and then using the code provided, retrieve it from an ATM machine without having to use a card.

Any chance such a feature could be implemented? Thinking of just walking around with my phone and in case I find a cash only/non-contactless place, being able just get the cash out at the nearest ATM, sounds fantastic to me

(Sarah Thorp) #15

We have this with our NatWest Account, my husband used it when he left his card at home once, great idea when you stuck


This feature by all banks in the RBS group relies on them owning and running their own ATM network.

Such functionality is not cross-network between banks due to the constraints of the current industry specs.

…or so I was told by their Private Banking team.


Can’t help on the software front, but I just walk around with my phone and :mondo: by using this Spigen card case, can highly recommend it :slight_smile:

(Jonathon) #18

Monzo would need their own ATM’s, as I believe this only works on the relevant bank’s ATM’s?


It’s 2017. Aren’t we moving away from cash?

I rarely carry cash these days. Nor does The Queen. Nor Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA (Hat tip to another community member for that link a few days ago …it’s a really interesting article to read.)

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I’ve moved your topic & all the replies here, to keep all of the discussion about this service in one place. I hope that helps!