Emergency cash when card is lost

So I lost my entire wallet last week, every card I had was in it. Leaving me with a very serious paying for things issue.
I noticed that whilst I could quickly get a new card I couldn’t make an emergency withdrawal to cover me until the new card arrived, unlike other banks which offer this safety net.
As there’s no branches, I would seriously recommend creating this as a feature!!

Could you not transfer money to your old bank (or to someone else) then go in and withdraw cash?

This will be available (abroad only i think) if you pay for monzo plus and travel money, there is also a 5% fee.

Not sure about local emergency cash, i dont think they offer it at all.

You can add your new card to Apple Pay immediately. I personally do not use cash so this works great for me but if you need cash I would recommend having a different bank to transfer money to.

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I used to have this feature with a former bank. Now I have a Western Union account just for emergencies.

I can send myself cash to any WU outlet worldwide instantly for a fee.

The problem with a bank with no cash machines of their own is it will be very difficult to provide an outlet for such emergencies. There will at least be some sort of cost (to Monzo) associated with it since they’d need to use another banks resources to make it work.

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Couldn’t you use a contactless ATM with Apple Pay/google pay?
I understand thats not the point you’re making as emergency £ would definitely be beneficial however as a workaround until a better system is in place.

There are usually two variants of the system in place. In the UK, banks offer ways of getting cash, either with ATM withdrawals using a code, in branch withdrawals, in branch immediate card replacements, etc.

Outside the UK all banks offer an emergency cash service to all their customers in which they’ll send you money via an appropriate method.

Monzo has no ATMs, no branches, and no way of getting people cash (and there not interested in cash as a part of their business model anyway in the long run). If other banks even allowed them access to their ATMs features (which is highly unlikely), they would probably have to agree some level of access for cost (likely passed on to us).

With no branches, ATMs would actually be a useful thing for Monzo allowing everyone to do their banking directly, but ive not heard any interest in doing this :man_shrugging:

Don’t they only work with the ‘owner bank’ cards?

Monzo should make ATMs like how Snapchat made the Snapbot vending machine :joy: Not sure how they’d jazz it up

This is a Monzo Plus feature.

That is fine but it would be nice if Monzo could add the feature - for example through the app

Emergency cash abroad is a Monzo Plus feature. I don’t think that covers the U.K. and I don’t think it will use ATMs so this idea is something different.

Don’t think they’ve specified if it’s abroad only? Don’t see why it couldn’t work in the UK though!

Agreed. I’m only inferring it from the heading of ‘Travel Money’ so I can always be wrong.

It could do with a bit of clarification!

I can just imagine being on a night out. Damn! I’ve left my card behind! Never mind, I’ll get Monzo to courier a couple of thousand pounds to the pub.

I guess what’s an emergency for some people is small beer to others, though.

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When was that added? Last I checked, you had to wait until your new card arrived before adding it to Apple/Google Pay.

Was a couple of months ago - I can confirm it works as I did it about a month ago

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No doubt they will use this: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/get-support/global-services.html

Note that even after paying for Monzo Plus, they plan to charge a 5% fee - something other UK banks offer for free as standard in my experience