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Not sure if this feature already exists or is in the pipeline for consideration. I today used RBS emergency cash feature as I left my wallet at home. Using the RBS mobile app I was able to withdraw cash from an ATM without my card, nice and very handy feature in those emergency situations.


Oh wow, I wasn’t even aware this was an option. Does any other bank except RBS offer this?

Hi, I am not aware of any other UK bank offering this option/feature. Speaking to some of my colleagues also they have used the emergency cash feature for this kids also when they have been stuck, nice feature, would be good to see something similar in Mondo app.

I’m not sure if a feature similar to natwest/rbs would be possible… It seems like something that is built into their system and their own cash machines. I say this because you can only get the emergency cash from natwest/rbs and more recently Tesco cash machines. You can’t just go up to any cash point and take out money without a card. An emergency cash feature would be awesome, but I think mondo would need to think more outside the box, because at present they don’t have any cash machines which they own, and won’t be able to adapt software on current cash machines to let them do this! I hope that makes sense, I am extremely jet lagged! :sweat_smile:


I think Natwest and some other banks in the RBS Group do

I would agree its a super feature. I try and avoid cash but its an option i have used a few times with rbs

I’d imagine this would be a really difficult feature to have. I’m a RBS customer myself and I have used the Emergency Cash feature as well. This feature is only available in ATMs by the RBS group for obvious reasons, so in order to provide the feature Mondo would have to get some kind of agreement with banks. And since RBS prides itself on the fact they’re the only ones offering this feature I’d imagine they probably don’t want the future of banking “stealing” one of their sell points.

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I actually have an RBS account purely for this feature… If I’m out and about and have forgotten my cards and need cash I transfer into my RBS then withdraw it from an RBS machine. Its good, it works, but it is limited to Natwest/RBS cash machines, which are not exactly everywhere…

A better function in my opinion would be to skip cash machines all together, and offer a service to allow you to essentially get ‘cashback’ without a purchase from convenience stores… I have lost count of the amount of times I have gone into a store and purchased something I don’t need just to get cashback because there’s no cash machine nearby, so why not offer a service, kinda like PayPoint but in reverse, that allows you to request money and pick it up from a store? Even if it was restricted to £20 notes…


  • Convenience stores are everywhere, cash machines aren’t always
  • Shops rarely give out £20 notes as change
  • More likely than other banks allowing this service on their own ATMs
  • Probably cheaper than running a network of ATMs


  • Costs money to staff stores, and potentially you could be using this service for free and then not spending in their stores… (but then shops are often happy to have cash machines in store that they make little or no profit from?)
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The problem with it is the ATM’s software is for RBS. So Mondo would have to pair up with RBS. It’s the ATM owners who can make this happen.

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If you’ve left your card at home, or even lost it, would be handy to withdraw via the app. I don’t think ATM’s support it though. Checkout and POS systems could though.

NatWest bank does :zap:️:zap:️:zap:️:zap:️

RBS Group…NatWest, RBS, Ulster, Coutts, Drummonds, Adams, Hunts, all those accounts in all RBS, NatWest or Ulster bank machines

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Slightly mitigated by A(ndroid|pple) Pay, especially if it’s not inconvenient to go somewhere you can get cash back.

Here’s a new development for this feature -

Barclays is trialling new cash machines that allow customers to make withdrawals via their smartphones.

The facility is limited to Android handsets, which trigger the money’s release via a “contactless” NFC (near-field communication) transmission.

The bank suggests the facility is more secure than slotting in a bank card as it avoids the risk of having the card’s details hijacked by a skimming machine.

Barclays aims to simplify this further by just requiring the account holder to wave the handset near to the bank machine and type their normal Pin code into either one of the two devices.

Barclays is piloting the “contactless cash” service in the north of England at 180 branches ahead of a wider rollout in 2017.


With the RBS Group’s ‘Emergency Cash’ service their customers can get money not just from RBS or NatWest but from any RBS Group cash machine, and not just in Great Britain but the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and even Gibraltar.

RBS Group includes:
Ulster Bank
Isle of Man Bank
RBS International

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Yes, this would be a fantastic feature. Only thing holding me back from ditching my Natwest account completely.

As stated above, given that Monzo don’t (and don’t plan to) own any cash machines, this is very unlikely to be achievable in the forseeable future. :frowning:

I have a NatWest account and the only reason I keep it open is because of the emergency cash facility. This allows you, on the odd occasions when you forget your wallet, to request emergency cash which you get from an ATM without needing your bank card. It is a very useful facility. If Monzo had this I would close my NatWest Card

I guess you could always buy chewing gum at a corner shop via Android Pay with your phone, and ask for £10 cashback, if you urgently need actual cash, with no cashcard on you.

…Unless it’s the middle of the night and no shops are open.

I think this would be a great feature even though cash costs Monzo money.

Although if we had Apple Pay it wouldn’t be so urgent :eyes: