Losts cards

I think monzo is a good idea, but if you lost card you no way off getting out of account if you dont have another account, i think monzo should paypoint for this if issue a bar code or post office

I’m not sure I understand what you mean @AndrewWray, you can still make bank transfers if you’ve lost your card :blush:

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I think he means you can’t withdraw cash if you’ve lost your card.

He is then suggesting a barcode so you can go to Paypoint or the Post Office to withdraw using this :slight_smile:

That’s my understanding anyway :man_shrugging:


Cool idea if that’s what he means. Would be good for the whole emergency cash thing.

Can’t say I’d ever feel like I’d need to use it what with most places accepting Google/Apple Pay but I guess if you desperately needed cash and you’ve lost your phone/wallet/handbag … :man_shrugging:

(Just realised you’d still need your phone hah)

Yeah it’s not a bad idea.

I agree about the Google/Apple thing too and as a last resort you could always transfer some money to a friend and get them to give it you if you don’t have a second account.

I’ve found that new cards only take a couple of days to arrive so hopefully most can survive until then :slight_smile:

Yes but if you don’t have another back account to transfer money too your stuck for money until your new card comes, so i think a good idea the monzo has a paypoint bar code or post office so you can left money out

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I believe if you cancel your card you can automatically update your google app etc. so you can spend straight away

I know it isnt the same as getting cash out

Yes the Google/apple pay is a good idea but it’s only uptp £30 so if your looking to spend more than £30 some people might need thsn £30

If it’s a google/apple pay terminal you can spend over £30

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The thing about apple/goole pay not all shop accepts it so it a good idea if monzo has something in place for the people who not safe with it or pefer to use money

I have never used it with any other bank but I use apple pay if I lose my card. I can see if you have no other bank account how it would be useful though.

I point is really not everyone have apple/google pay

That is true and I can see why it may be valuable for some people to have this option. However, the majority of people do I assume. I think it’s not a bad idea to offer it for people who might have this problem so I am not disagreeing with you.

However, Monzo does get your new card to you very quickly unlike other banks excluding Metro where you can go in and get it printed there and then. So you would only be going a few days and in that time you could always send a trusted person money to get it out for you.

Just a thought this it.

I understand what your saying but i think they should put something in place for people who has a monzo card who don’t have apple/google pay.

That’s where the sending money to a trusted family member would work. I know my grandparents wouldn’t understand the barcode method. I do like the idea as I said but there are many alternatives you could do before using that method.

When I lost my card I actually bumped into a Monzo customer and we transferred money and he bought me my lunch for me. :heart: Best day


Some people don’t have family and your stuck regards to that part i use Google pay my self not everyone could go to a friend or family to say that they lost there card

And that’s why I have said it’s a good idea to offer it from the beginning. I like the idea but I can’t see it being implemented because very few people will have this issue. I generally think at that point maybe just have a second bank account would be the best idea for that customer.

I am going to leave this now as this could go round in circles.

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Open a Curve or a Starling or any other account. You’ll never have this issue. You should never limit yourself to one bank.