Cash Withdrawal

Does Monzo have an emergency cash withdrawal set up? I’ve been looking at the help option on the app but I can’t seem to find anything. I’ve had my Monzo account for a while now but have only just started using it properly the last couple of weeks. I’m asking this in regards to times that apple pay doesn’t work /no card on you? This has only ever happened to me a few times before…but I was interested to see if there’s help in place in this sort of situation.
I still have my Natwest account and I used the emergency cash withdrawal service with them before, but that as when I had lost my card.

No. Normally banks that offer that do so through their own machines afaik


@Rat_au_van is right :grin: The RBS group own a lot of ATM’s so they have free roam on integrations, other banks don’t have this privilege :frowning:

Unless Monzo released hot coral cash machines there’s likely no way for them to achieve this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s some other discussion on the topic :slight_smile:


Thank you both - that makes sense. (A hot coral cash machine would be a great idea though! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) What have people done in situations that apple pay doesn’t work then? /no card.

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It’s sometimes helpful to have another bank account as a backup which you can transfer some funds to until your new card arrives etc.

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I’d recommend you keep your Natwest account open - you can then still use any RBS machine for emergency cash. I’ve only used it once back when I had a single current account and no credit cards, but it’s handy to know it’s there if I were to lose my wallet.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in that situation. I guess, like anyone who is not a NatWest/RBS customer, I just wouldn’t buy it.

So far as I know these are the only banks offering it, and people survive!

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I had the situation a few years ago when I was at college, needed to buy some lunch but had left my wallet at home. This was in the days before Apple/Google Pay. Emergency Cash came in handy then, but I can’t think of any situations where I’d need it now.

I mean I can see it happening, but never in a rea emergency for me. Not likely anyway.

If I were at work and forgot my wallet… I’d either not have lunch or ask a colleague to spot me the £3 or less for a sandwich.

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One thing Monzo you can do when you first order your card is that it lets you automatically set it up with Android pay / apple pay.

I would have to get someone to confirm but I would assume this is the same for a replacment card?
So it might be possible to spend through the app (though that doesn’t help with cash withdrawal)

Though Satander have aparently released something that means you can tap your phone on their ATMs to like you can with a contactless card but haven’t tried this out and obviously doesnt work through Monzo (yet)

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for replacement cards :frowning:

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Ah that is a shame - may be worth Monzo looking into this then

I wonder if we’ll Apple Pay/Google Pay (contactless) Cash withdrawals in the U.K. anytime soon. I think it has started rolling out across the US.

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That’d be cool. I know Santander have contactless ATMs, but I think they only work with Santander debit cards.

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I believe Santander now has this as I had an email from them saying I could do it

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This is from Santander website

I think it specifically said android pay so maybe not on apple yet

edit-had a look for it but think I deleted it as dont withdraw cash very often anymore

Ah, hopefully if/when we do start to see this it won’t just be restricted to the customers of the bank that owns the ATM.

Having said that I look forward to a future without cash at all, but in the meantime I’d rather not have to carry my card if I might need cash :crossed_fingers:

Cashless will happen it is just how fast in my opinion

I’d also do this or order online via JustEat or something.

I have my card details stored in my password manager or I could also use PayPal. With the latter I could transfer it someone and have them give me the money or buy me lunch.