Wise transfer not working


I cannot send money with Wise (international transfer)

Details to reproduce:

  1. From the app: Payments > Pay someone > Transfer internationally
  2. Enter an amount (GBP → EUR)
  3. Select payee
  4. Click send
  5. FaceId pops up
  6. I just get a blank screen

I have not linked a Wise account so I believe this is the root cause but the app is never giving me the chance to login with Wise.

Device: iPhone 13
App Version: 5.8.0 #875


Hi Adam,

Welcome to the community, this looks like an issue better suited to the Monzo team looking into themselves, we won’t be able to help here.

In your Monzo app, go to Help >, search “Contact us” > Contacting support > Select the hyperlink under “Chat with us” to go straight through to Monzo who will direct you to the correct team.

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Ah thank you @betalogic ! I couldn’t find that


No worries, hope you get it sorted!


Thanks. Fwiw, reinstalling the app and updating iOS fixed it for me

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