[iOS] Unable to sync Wise account to make international transfers


When making an international transfer using Wise, after selecting the amount and clicking “Continue”, whether or not I select “Create Wise Account” or “Log in to Wise Account”, when I get redirected to the Monzo app after granting permissions to Monzo I receive an error message.

Details to reproduce:

On the main screen, click “Payments”, then “Pay someone”, then “Transfer internationally”. Enter any amount of money to transfer, then click “Continue”. On the following screen, click either “Create Wise Account” or “Log in to Wise account” - the issue happens with both. When clicking “Create Wise Account”, a screen pops up in Monzo that I already have a Wise account (true) and asks to connect it. When clicking “Log in to Wise account”, my browser opens to the same screen it does when it asks to connect it; it opens to the Wise login screen. After logging in, it changes to the screen in Screenshot 1, asking to sync with Monzo. When accepting, it takes me back to the Monzo app, which then shows the screen in Screenshot 2.

OS: iOS 15.6.1
Device: iPhone 13 Pro
App Version: 4.50.0