Problems with Wise International money transfer.

I’m trying to make an international payment using the iOS app. I go through the entire process and get to the the penultimate page where it asks to Confirm and Transfer, (See attached image). I click the button. The phone checks my Face ID and then it just leaves me on a blank page with the option to go back a page and nothing happens and the payment doesn’t go through, (See attached image).

I have attempted this process a number of times now… triple checking everything at every stage.

Please can you advise me what to try as I need to make this payment quite urgently.

Many thanks,

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Hey Dan, if it’s urgent I’d suggest raising this through the in app chat. There’s no guarantee that someone from Monzo will see and reply on here, I’m afraid.

(Although cheeky tag to @AlanDoe in case he’s around).

Hey there! :wave:

Can you try reducing the characters in your reference, sometimes references that are too long cause this error.

(I dont know the limit off the top of my head)