Transferwise does not work in the Monzo app


I wonder if anyone can help.

When I go to the payment screen on the Monzo app and select international transfer and click on transferwise. I a red error screen?

I am not sure why this is. I have deleted the Monzo app and re-installed but the problem persists.
I have the transferwise app installed separately already.

Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?


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Not heard of anyone having this issue before. I suggest you message in app support so they can take a look :slight_smile:


I have asked support for help but they asked me to re-install the app. I did this but it still does not work.

Support advised me just to use the transferwise app instead.

Thanks for your help.

Doesn’t sound like a great solution. I’d probably ask them again or maybe someone will pick this up.


Did you have any luck? I was in the TransferWise interface within the Monzo app just a couple of weeks ago and now it’s as I’ve been logged out of TransferWise- trying to connect up again leads to a red screen. Of course now when o actually need to use it and have the chance to try it out within Monzo it fails to work

:grimacing: We should be able to fix this if you give us a message in the app :+1:

Thanks- I’ve submit a message last night but couldn’t wait :grimacing:


Unfortunately not. This is not high on the list of priorities for Monzo at the moment. I was told by the customer service team just to use the transfer-wise app separately to Monzo and then just pay via bank transfer or debit card.


That’s a disappointing answer. I think getting existing features working in the first place should all be the highest priority for Monzo. I wonder what else could be broken / missing that is taking a higher priority over fixing broken features? Let’s see what they tell me - it’s been about 12 hours since I messaged in app.


So do I. But it isn’t.

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Let me know what they tell you and if you find a fix.


I tried sending a small test payment to INR account using Monzo/TW integration this morning but it failed! I was able to enter all the details and on confirmation screen, it did a FaceID verification and then asked me to enter my card PIN, which I did but then this screen appeared and I already tried it multiple times but no luck so far!

Okay so Monzo COps helped me resolve this issue!

I was using a long payment reference and when used a short ref, it worked. I still feel error message should point the customer in right direction i.e. too long reference so we don’t need to rely on support chat all the time for these minor issues!

This happened to me today - I’ve raised it as feedback with them. If it was raised in November I would have expected it to be fixed by March so that’s pretty poor.

I also wasn’t impressed that you can only enter the £ amount in and can’t enter the amount you want the recipient to receive.

I think it’s probably easier to use the trasferwise website direct (which seemed to sync payees with my Monzo account)

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