Will we get a Year in Monzo 2022?

With the availability now of Spotify Unwrapped, Apple Music’s equivalent, and YouTube’s rewind appearing, what are people’s thoughts on the Year In Monzo this year?

Last year, we didn’t get it, because Monzo decided to opt for using the data for marketing on Socials instead. Personally, I think Year in Monzo is better suited, and I’d much rather that than some alternative bigger-picture data that’s irrelevant to me.


Do you think we’ll get a Year in Monzo this year?
  • Yes - Monzo realised last year’s alternative wasn’t as good
  • No - Last year’s alternative was awesome, and they should stick to it

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Year in Monzo was a huge disappointment last year, that was echoed here and on socials. I think a big part of them not doing it was the patchy merchant enrichment, as a lot of work has been done on that recently, I hope it’s enough to bring it back. Not confident though.


Yeah, the poll needs a no, but they should option. Last years was rubbish.

They’ve gotten so much better at merchant corrections in the past few weeks. I’ve submitted loads. All but one have been fixed. The merchant data should hopefully be up to snuff again this year.


Hey! :wave:

We’re not doing an end-of-year campaign this year, so not #YearInMonzo this time around.

The main reason is simply that we didn’t feel like a spending-focussed campaign felt like the right thing to do at a time when people’s finances are more stretched than ever (it wouldn’t be a welcome reminder for many). And the #YearInMonzo campaign in particular relies on a very specific light-hearted approach that seemed a bit off.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’re not afraid to have fun. If you follow our channels you’ll see that we’re still posting memes and fun conversations to get involved with. But we’re also posting more educational content and guides to help people improve their financial wellbeing.

(We’ve got plans for campaign early next year on this, but that’s all I’m saying for now!)

Also, over the last year we’ve built out Trends with a whole suite of features that give you a lot of the same insights, on demand! It has totals for spending, and a breakdown of where you’re spending by categories and even merchants (currently in Labs!)

So if you really want to see how much you spent at McDonalds this year, you still can :wink:

(Also, shoutout to @Revelshomebrew year in monzo from last year!)


So ignoring all the bank transfers, credit card repayments, etc, which naturally trump any card spending I do, the merchant I’ve spent the most at this year, is ironically the one Monzo still haven’t updated. :joy:

Non-bill/subscription merchant would of course be:

Totally get and support the sentiment for not wanting to do it this year. But for those of us that still care about this stuff and want to have some fun celebrating and shaming one another, perhaps this thread can become a who did you spend the most with thread. Like your Spotify wrapped/ Apple Music Replay most played song, but for spending.

Sadly with no PayPal credit integration my big ticket spending is missing, else Apple would have won easy.


Never understood it and never will. Well no tbf I do understand it, it’s for the look at me crowd to post to socials so they can gloat to others about that maccies spend or the amount spent on seshlehem.

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Your pets eat better than you :smiley:


Bah humbug!

I don’t have any social media accounts or generally share my year in Monzo besides comparing with a few friends on iMessage. I just find it cool and a bit of fun. So it’s not just for that crowd.


That’s who it’s aimed at though, granted you don’t share it like the rest of the numpties out there :joy:

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So many of mine are house related. IKEA, Dunelm, TK Maxx, The Range and way out in front, B&Q.

All dwarfed by Tesco though. Mans gotta eat!

£70/11 transactions for McDonalds is less than I’d have thought. Only two trips to Five Guys. Four Slim Chickens, a new favourite!

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As opposed to fat ones :eyes: never heard of them. I’m off to Google.

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It’s posh (expensive) KFC basically, but it’s good!

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Ah! That’s why mines not there! Most of my co op shopping still went through chase! I’m sure that would been more than the dog’s food!


Turned trends on for my archived pet food pot (when I tried using a virtual card to manage the inconsistent subscription) to get a real cost and see the proper impact the cost of living has had on pet food.

It’s both dog and cat food. Dog food costs more, but they have a loyalty program and every so often I’ll unlock a £10 voucher off the next shipment, or sometimes they’ll send out a percentage discount as a thank you. But even with those, it’s still £20 a month more on average than it was a year ago. :exploding_head:


I like trends but think Monzo should have done the year thing. Yes it’s a different time now with cost of living etc. I think it still be helpful to people in the current climate.

I think the opposite, I think it’d be a great way to highlight to people how much they’ve spent over the last year, and going forward how they can cut that down…

Or maybe, let people opt into it.

Big shame there isn’t one coming from Monzo though, was looking forward to it.


It could, but the tone has to be right and that’s tricky with something that as @DaveJ rightly points out above is a marketing tool to drum up social buzz and brag. Especially when they’ve been building tools into trends over the last year that can do exactly this job without all the showmanship, so highlighting those and teaching folks how to get the most out of it could be the most powerful thing they can do this year.

On the other hand, a bit of a lighthearted spin on a thing that’s stressful for folks, especially this year, and especially at this time of this year might be exactly what they need. But that’s not a guaranteed reaction and although it’s not as crass or insenisitive as ITV offering to pay your energy bill as a competition prize, there’s a risk some folks could certainly see it that way. It’s a tough call, but I can see their angle and feel like it’s probably the right one for this year.

Monzo take a lot of care in their actions to not be insensitive and I greatly admire that (it’s why I chose them over Starling when N26 left the UK). Leave that stuff to Starling Bank. Skip it this year whilst it’s still raw and find another way to bring people some holiday cheer.

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Makes no difference to me with you not doing it this year. Since Chase launched they’ve been my daily bank.

Need to up your game Monzo.

Same here.

All my spend has gone through Chase in 2022, so Year In Monzo would be meh for me :man_shrugging::rofl:

Hard no from me then.